Normal Blood Pressure

Illustration of Normal Blood Pressure
Illustration: Normal Blood Pressure

Good afternoon doc, dock two months ago, my blood went up 140, my kmren, my kmren, my blood was normal 120, now I asked why I still felt lemes, jitteriness, dizziness and frequent tingling, pegel, but I felt next to left, i’m afraid my dock is still young

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Hello Muklis, thank you for consulting us on the web.

Basically complaints such as weakness, tingling, often aches, not feeling well can be felt by anyone and can be experienced by all ages. The causes can also vary, ranging from:

Lack of blood sugar / hypoglycemia
Lack of sleep / rest
Lack of exercise
Lack of certain vitamins and minefal
Sleep disorder
The presence of disease in the thyroid gland
Other chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Heart, Hypertension, etc.

To be sure, of course not only by online consultation, but by direct consultation with the medical team / doctor to be examined both medical interviews and physical examinations. And if it is needed then the doctor will consider doing additional tambaham examinations such as laboratory blood tests, blood sugar checks, cholesterol checks, and others.

Meanwhile, of course you should not worry and worry, because your blood pressure is included in the normal category. It's just that you need to do a healthy lifestyle to improve your quality of life and improve your health condition, namely by:

Get enough rest, avoid staying up late and activities that are not too important until late at night
Consumption of balanced nutritious foods, such as foods high in fiber from fruits and vegetables, consume more water and meet your daily protein needs. Choose carbohydrates that are good for the body such as complex carbohydrates found in brown rice, wheat, sweet potatoes and corn
If you smoke, you need to consider starting to learn to stop smoking by reducing your smoking habits every day.
Manage your stress well, because by managing stress well, the existing cortisol hormone in your body can be suppressed and the side effects of hypertension can be prevented
If you feel your vitamin needs are not fulfilled from food intake, you can take a multivitamin that can be obtained from a pharmacy, and consume according to instructions for use, and try to drink lots of water to compensate.
Do regular exercise every day, or at least 3 to 4 times a week with a minimum duration of 30 minutes per session.

If you have done all of these things well and the complaints are still persistent, you can consult directly with your doctor by implementing corona alert procedures, use a mask when leaving the house, do social distancing, do not touch the face, nose, eyes or mouth and wash hands as often as possible .

Thus the explanation from us, hopefully helps.

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