Normal Blood Sugar Levels In The Body Of A 62 Year Old Woman?

Illustration of Normal Blood Sugar Levels In The Body Of A 62 Year Old Woman?
Illustration: Normal Blood Sugar Levels In The Body Of A 62 Year Old Woman?

I want to ask, my mother has diabetes, my mother’s age is 62, do you think the normal blood sugar for my mother is in the range of what number is it, the problem is that my mother had high sugar levels. and her blood sugar has dropped to 37. and its strange if my mother’s sugar level is above 200 – 300 and even likes it to 400. my mother can only feel weak or dizzy. r nPlease enlightenment. r nThank you Previous

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Hi Amen .. Thank you for the question given.

Normal blood sugar is important for the body. Because blood sugar that is too high or too low is not good for the body. Normal blood sugar levels in the body are: blood sugar when normally less than 200 mg / dl. While normal fasting blood sugar is less than 100 mg / dl, fasting blood sugar between 100-125 is said to be pre diabetes and a fasting blood sugar level of more than 126 is said to be diabetes. To diagnose diabetes itself, it can be done by checking blood sugar levels at any time, fasting blood sugar, oral glucose tolerance test, and HbA1c. If the results of the examination of sugar levels are more than normal accompanied by symptoms: frequent BAK, drinking and eating increases, body weight drops drastically for no reason, there are wounds that are difficult to heal, it can be diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (DM)

Treatment of DM can be with drugs or with insulin based on doctor's advice. Keep in mind that in taking DM drugs and insulin, patients must also keep eating to prevent low blood sugar / hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can cause the body to become weak and unconscious due to insufficient sugar intake to the body's cells, including brain cells. High blood sugar levels without any complaints from the sufferer are also quite dangerous because the sufferer is not alert and when the blood sugar is very high it can cause the sufferer to become unconscious. Therefore, it is better for your mother to check with an internal medicine doctor so that the doctor can carry out an examination directly and can be supported by blood sugar and HbA1c tests so that the doctor can determine the appropriate drug for your mother. Also good blood sugar levels for diabetics are below 200 mg / dl for blood sugar at any time.

In addition, what your mother can do is:

Keep your legs clean, when you go out, use sandals to prevent injuries
Avoid foods with high sugar levels, multiply foods that contain fiber
Exercise regularly
Check eye conditions regularly
Maintain a balanced body weight

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