Normal Body Weight For A 2 Month Old Baby?

Illustration of Normal Body Weight For A 2 Month Old Baby?
Illustration: Normal Body Weight For A 2 Month Old Baby?

Hello doctor, I want to ask my baby, 2 months old, to drink Sufor, his weight is 5.9 kg. Is that said to be obese? My baby is very strong at all, sometimes after just an hour I have asked for milk again. I give 60 cc milk every time, sometimes more if he is not full. I tried not to give milk if it was not yet time but it was very difficult to hold him because he cried hard without stopping in a carrying bag. How to handle it? Is diluting the milk with water which is rather a lot of solutions so that the baby’s Bb cannot rise rapidly? I thin it when the baby asks for milk before its hour. thanks.

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Hi Raynor,

The normal weight of a 2 month old baby is about 1 kg greater than his birth weight, or the normal range is around: 3.6-5 kg. Your baby's weight has exceeded the normal range, but it can not be concluded whether obesity or not, without knowing the baby's birth weight and height at birth and now.

Please discuss with your pediatrician to find out more clearly the ideal weight expected for your baby

Keep in mind that babies who use formula milk do tend to be fatter than babies who breastfeed directly. But that does not mean that the baby is healthier. Infants with breast milk are proven to be healthier than babies with formula milk. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you try to give your breast milk back to your baby, so that the baby does not enter the condition of obesity and of course also so that the baby is healthier.

Some things to know that:

Crying baby does not always mean being thirsty, it can also be due to cold, bowel movements, stomach upset, and others. You do not need to rush to give formula milk, when the baby is crying
Discuss with your doctor, which type of milk formula is suitable for your baby so that the weight is not excessive. Of course, the use of breast milk again will be much better
You can thin the formula milk if deemed necessary.
To be able to return to breastfeeding, you should consult with a lactation consultant doctor, or at the lactation clinic in your area. You are still very likely to breastfeed, especially with babies who are still 2 months old.
Continue to control your baby's weight

Thus, hopefully can help you.

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