Normal Cervical Length?

Illustration of Normal Cervical Length?
Illustration: Normal Cervical Length?

, i am 7 months pregnant and currently living in germany. Then when I went to a doctor in Germany, the doctor said that my cervical opening was too small so that it would make me born prematurely. What I want to ask how long is the cervical opening in general? Can a small cervical opening cause an early birth? thanks.

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Hello Birgita,

Maybe what this means is that your cervix / cervix is ​​short. A short cervix or less than 2.5 cm can cause cervical incompetence. Because the cervix is ​​short, it may not be strong enough to withstand an increasingly large pregnancy. This can increase the risk of preterm birth or birth before term (under 37 weeks).

A short cervix generally does not cause any special complaints, but on prenatal care there may be an opening prematurely. To help delay labor so as not to be born prematurely, the obstetrician can perform a suture or binding procedure in the cervix, this procedure is called a cerclarge. In addition, a cervical pessary ring can also be placed in the cervix to prevent premature birth.

Cerclarge or cervical pessary is not always done, for example in the condition of the first birth (no previous history of preterm birth) and it is only known that the cervix is ​​short in the second trimester. This procedure is generally performed at a younger gestational age. If a short cervix is ​​found in the 2-3th trimester, your doctor may give you hormonal therapy and regular observation to prevent preterm birth.

In your case, I suggest that you routinely go to the gynecologist according to the schedule given. You can discuss further about the options for handling and preventing preterm birth that are most likely to be done. Meanwhile, you should get enough rest and avoid doing activities that are too strenuous.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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