Normal Delivery With ILA?

In the afternoon, I want to ask about ILA info. Is the use of ILA at delivery safe for both mother and baby? Are there any side effects? Is it true if the use of ILA actually makes the chances of SC delivery even greater because of its effect which makes labor slower? thank you

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Hello dear Ms. Fince, thank you for your question

ILA or intrathecal labor analgesia is one of the development of anesthetic techniques to help the normal labor process without pain. The action of injecting anesthetic drugs into the spinal cord fluid is carried out when labor enters the opening stage 4. The location of the right injection is on the back, either in the position of the mother sitting or lying on her side.

Some of the advantages of this anesthetic technique:

working locally on one nerve, the mother does not lose consciousness during the delivery process does not cause motor problems or progress in labor. The dose of the drug required is minimal effect of drug exposure or minimal side effects on the mother and fetus Like other anesthetic techniques, this technique can cause side effects, including drop in blood pressure, nausea to vomiting, and even itching. In order to minimize these unwanted effects, anesthetists and gynecologists will supervise the delivery process until the baby is born into the world.

Discuss the best way of delivery according to the condition of you and the fetus in the womb.

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