Normal Delivery Without Stitches?

Illustration of Normal Delivery Without Stitches?
Illustration: Normal Delivery Without Stitches?

Hello … I am 34 years old … I have 3 children … all births are normal … because the birth of the first baby is not sewn … then the birth of a child who is 2 nd and 3 k are not sewn … now I am pregnant child k 4 … A little uneasy … because it seems like the husband is not satisfied when having intercourse … It seems my vagina is loose … Is it right, it can be sewn in a state of childbirth, because I have heard there is a “vaginal repair” He said before stitching, his vagina was injured first so that the stitching was tight, what do the doctors think? Thank you

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Hello Herayamani,

Thank you for the question.

Not all women who give birth normally need to have their perineum sutured. If there is not enough extensive injury in the perineum, of course suturing is not necessary because the wound can heal on its own along with normal cell regeneration. Typically, suturing is done for a fairly extensive perineal wound after delivery, or when an episiotomy is performed.

With regard to your condition, it seems you need to communicate with your husband first, what factors might make him dissatisfied with your sexual relations. It could be, not just because of a loose vagina, your husband's dissatisfaction with sex occurs because of his psychological condition that is being depressed, hormonal disorders, the influence of drugs, unhealthy lifestyles, aging, masturbation habits, watching porn, or certain chronic diseases he suffers.

When it is true that your husband complains that your vagina is loose, then this condition does not solely occur because your vagina is not sewn after delivery. The process of labor and repetitive sexual relations themselves can actually make vaginal density decrease. This condition can also be aggravated along with aging, hormonal disorders, lack of exercise, or other diseases that you experience. Your condition that is pregnant, which makes hormonal balance in your body changes, can also make sexual intercourse less comfortable due to the less produced vaginal lubricants.

If this is true, then to help you tighten your vaginal muscles, it's better to exercise more diligently, especially sports to tighten the muscles around the pelvis, such as Kegel exercises, yoga, swimming, cycling, jogging, pilates, and so on. Do not forget, always maintain your ideal weight, make your relationship with your husband more harmonious, and be disciplined to live a healthy lifestyle.

If all of the above steps you have done optimally, but your complaint does not improve, do not hesitate to check yourself directly to the doctor, obstetrician, or sexologist to be given the best solution, ok?

I hope this helps.

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