Normal Frequency BAB Newborn

Illustration of Normal Frequency BAB Newborn
Illustration: Normal Frequency BAB Newborn

Night doc … I am beautiful. I have a baby around the age of 13 days … every time I get breastmilk, I always defecate … The chapter is yellow and looks like seeds … so often BAB makes my child’s weight not rising even though the milk does not use milk … so what should I do about the solution dock

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In newborns until the first 6 weeks of life, the normal frequency of bowel movements in one day can vary from 1 to 7 times, even in some babies can reach 12 times a day. This happens because the digestive tract of newborns is not perfect so that the absorption of milk intake is still not optimal.

For the color and consistency of the stool that is removed also depends on what milk is given to the baby. In breastfeeding it is still very possible stools appear with a soft and yellow consistency due to changes in breast milk that occur with increasing age of the baby.

A newborn's weight loss is also very reasonable even though it is given breast milk, where a reasonable reduction is about 5% of the initial body weight. Generally 2 weeks after birth the body weight will increase to reach the initial birth weight or even more.

If your body weight does not increase after the first 2 weeks after birth, then you can try to increase the frequency of breastfeeding and do not limit when or how much milk your child should consume. You are also advised to check your child to a pediatrician if he or she has not gained weight even though you have confirmed that your child's breast milk intake is in accordance with his needs to evaluate whether there are other factors causing your child's weight to not increase.

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