Normal Post-delivery Stitches After 3 Weeks Still Feels Sore When It’s Tub?

Illustration of Normal Post-delivery Stitches After 3 Weeks Still Feels Sore When It’s Tub?
Illustration: Normal Post-delivery Stitches After 3 Weeks Still Feels Sore When It’s Tub? Bing

hello, 4 weeks ago I gave birth to my second child normally. because it was torn in my vagina and then quite a lot of stitches .. and after giving birth 4 days I think the stitches are no longer painful or sore so it is comfortable to wear for any activity. but why after 3 weeks when i urinate i feel pain in my vagina. did my stitches tear or why?

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The pressure of the lower part of the fetus (generally the head) during the delivery process often causes tears in the perineal wall. This tear can also be caused by a medical procedure, namely an episiotomy, which is performed to minimize a more severe perineal tear. After delivery, this perineal tear will then be sutured. And with good care after suturing, generally the external wound will close within 1 to 2 weeks.

Pain in the vagina that is felt at 3 weeks after normal delivery may be caused by a torn stitch. This stitching wound may occur due to several factors, such as high mobility, inadequate wound care, wound infection, malnutrition, injuries such as during sexual intercourse, impaired immunity (eg due to diabetes), blood clotting disorders, and so on. In addition to pain, if it is true that the cause is a torn perineal suture, then you will also experience other complaints, such as wet or festering stitches, abnormal vaginal discharge, itching, fever, pain during sexual intercourse, and so on.

Apart from being torn from perineal sutures, the vaginal pain that you feel when you urinate can also occur due to other reasons, for example:

Injuries to the perineum due to other factors, such as sexual intercourse, falling on the ground, friction with tight pants
Irritation, for example due to the use of certain sanitary napkins, clothing materials, or soap
Skin infections around the perineum, eg due to folliculitis, Herpes zoster, genital herpes, folliculitis

Vaginal fistula (abnormal passageway that connects the vagina to other organs)
Urinary tract infection
Abscess, and so on

If the pain is bothersome enough, you can determine the cause of your complaint to the nearest doctor for further evaluation. With direct inspection, doctors can generally determine the best treatment.

At this time, you should not touch your vagina too much that feels sore, especially using dirty hands. Limit sexual intercourse before it is declared safe by a doctor. Always keep your intimate organs clean and dry. Use pants and underwear made of soft and loose. Avoid using scented vaginal soaps or sanitary napkins that contain perfume.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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