Normal Postnatal Recovery Period?

Illustration of Normal Postnatal Recovery Period?
Illustration: Normal Postnatal Recovery Period? Bing

5 days ago I just gave birth with a normal process with tears and stitches. How long do you think it will take to recover from the stitches and tears? Can I do my normal activities before a week?

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Hi Afaulia,

Normal delivery accompanied by a tear in the uterine canal can be treated either by suturing the wound or not. This itself is determined by the degree of tearing of the wound itself.

In sutured tears, usually the wound will begin to dry up within one to two weeks after delivery, but the wound will not heal completely in about four weeks. But this condition can also be different for each person because it can depend on the food consumed and the presence or absence of complicating factors, such as infection in the wound.

To carry out your own activities, generally you are now able to carry out activities as usual. But it's good for activities that are too strenuous, please avoid them first.

The suggestions that we can give regarding this condition include maintaining the cleanliness of the intimate organs to prevent infection, changing underwear if the underwear is wet or damp, consuming foods that are high in protein content to speed up the wound healing process and taking control as recommended by the doctor so that it can evaluated regarding the scars of the birth canal.

Here's an article on knowledge-basics-post-partum-care for-mothers that you can read more about.

Thus the information that we can convey, hopefully this information can be useful to resolve your complaint.

Dr. Taneya Putri Zahra

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