Normal Sleep Duration In Infants Aged 3 Months?

Illustration of Normal Sleep Duration In Infants Aged 3 Months?
Illustration: Normal Sleep Duration In Infants Aged 3 Months?

afternoon. I want to ask if I have a child who wants to be 3 months and 2 more days old, but these days my child rarely defecates, can 1 time a day, sleep now from morning to evening can sleep continuously and usually I wake up to breastfeed after that my child continues to sleep again. And at night he played, I persuaded me to tell stories or play at least 1 in the morning, then I went to sleep and then at 4 or 5 my child woke up again. Is this normal or still a 3 month old baby? and his nose looks like he has runny nose but there is no flu, the problem is that sometimes when I drink Asi to my nose I never leave the breast milk that has entered her nose, how do I fix it ?? Please help. thank you

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At 3 months of age, babies normally get 14-17 hours of sleep a day. These sleeping hours are divided into 8-13 hours of sleep a night and 3-4 naps which can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours. At this age babies generally can only stay awake for 1-2 hours.

Looking at your baby's sleep patterns, chances are that your baby cannot recognize morning and night because the old bedtime is reversed (long sleep is in the morning to evening). In this case, you can try to do the following:

Try to take the baby out in the morning so that the baby is exposed to the sun. In the morning and during the day, open the windows and doors of the house so that sunlight can enter the house. At night, try to darken the house lights, especially before bedtime (adjust it to your bedtime at night, in general, children are put to bed at 7-9 at night). When sleeping at night, try to keep the baby's bedroom as dark as possible. When breastfeeding your child at night or if you need to change the diaper, keep it as dim as possible. Reduce communication with the baby while breastfeeding at night so that the baby can fall back asleep immediately after feeding. From morning to evening, try to get the baby to wake up more. Have a lot of communication and play with your baby in the morning to evening so that the baby doesn't sleep continuously. At the age of 3 months, the number of bowel movements for babies can vary. CHAPTER 1 time per day is normal if the consistency is still soft enough and the baby does not push hard until he cries during defecation.

Regarding the milk that enters the nose while breastfeeding, you can try the following ways:

Keep the baby's head higher when you feed your baby Burp the baby more often Hold the baby in an upright position for 20-30 minutes after feeding If your milk flow is too heavy (the baby chokes while feeding), you can express your milk first by using a breast pump After the expressing reflex has passed, you can return to breastfeeding your baby immediately. You can also give the breast pump results to the baby after breastfeeding if the baby still wants to drink. Make sure you always monitor your child's growth and development to the Pediatrician according to the schedule given. If there are certain problems that bother you, you can also discuss it directly with your pediatrician.

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