Normal Sleep Patterns Of Children?

Illustration of Normal Sleep Patterns Of Children?
Illustration: Normal Sleep Patterns Of Children?

Afternoon Dokk, u003cbr u003I want to ask you about sleep regression, because my child sleeps sometimes for a long time and +/- 1.5 even 1 hour. Then when the night likes to wake up at night “and the pause will fall back asleep – / + 2 hours. U003cbr u003 Is that normal, ??

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

How old is your child now? Let us inform children about sleep patterns.

Sleep is one of the important processes to support children's development. The number of hours of sleep per day in the newborn age group (0-28 days) is around 16-20 hours. Babies usually sleep for 1-4 hours, then enter the wake period for 1-2 hours, with the same number of naps as the night. Furthermore, at 1-2 months of age, the number of hours of sleep a baby usually becomes 14-15 hours, with a period of sleep for 3-4 hours.

Sleep patterns of children in the newborn age group tend to sleep often short and then wake up at night, then need a lot of naps. This pattern occurs because newborns do not yet have a perfect day and night cycle to regulate their body rhythm (circadian rhythm). Babies also tend to wake up crying when hungry and will fall asleep again after being full because sleep in newborns is more influenced by mealtime.

As there is consolidation, the child's sleep patterns will develop into a longer night's sleep, waking up at night becomes less frequent, and fewer naps. Regular sleep patterns usually begin to develop when a child is one month old to one year old. The difference between hours of napping and sleep at night begins to form at the age of 6 weeks -3 months.

In addition to the number of hours of sleep a day, the child's sleep adequacy also needs to be assessed by its quality. Components of concern include a routine daily sleep schedule, total hours of sleep, naps, and good sleep console. Parents are advised to maintain signs of a child's sleep adequacy, among others: children can fall asleep easily at night, can wake up easily in normal morning wake-up times, and do not need a nap beyond the needs according to their age.

To find out if there are problems with your child's sleep patterns based on their age, you are advised to consult directly with a pediatrician so that evaluation and treatment can be carried out if necessary. To enrich insights, you can read articles about children's sleep development. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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