Normal Weight Fetal 4 Month Gestational Age?

I want to ask .. I’m pregnant at 4 months … I have an ultrasound check but my baby’s weight is only 141 g. Is that good for the future? Is it normal for such a body?

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Hello Nia,

The growth and development of each fetus can be different. In general, at 17 weeks gestation the fetus weighs around 140 grams and progresses to 300 grams at 20 weeks. How many weeks exactly is your current pregnancy?

In general, the weight of your fetus is still within normal limits so you don't need to worry. To maintain the health of the fetus and pregnancy, you should consume healthy and nutritious food, consume pregnancy supplements from the obstetrician as directed by the doctor, get enough rest, moderate exercise (except if there are special conditions from the obstetrician), try not to stress, and don't forget to control pregnancy with a gynecologist every month so that growth and fetal health continue to be monitored yes.

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