Normally Prolonged Menstruation?

Illustration of Normally Prolonged Menstruation?
Illustration: Normally Prolonged Menstruation?

Hello, I’m Dina. 4 months ago I gave birth, I experienced childbirth for 60 days after that I immediately menstruated, from the first menstruation after childbirth, I experienced prolonged periods, always more than 15 days, but my period is always on time, I always menstruate on the 25th, whether is that normal?

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Menstruation / menstruation normally occurs for 2-7 days, but there are also those who experience prolonged / longer periods. This can be caused by several things, namely:

- stress

- Unbalanced hormones

- Obesity / excess weight

- There is an infection / inflammation of the pelvis

- Side effects of drug use

- Use of hormonal contraceptives

- The presence of polyps in the uterus

- and others

Here are things you can do at home: manage stress well, get enough rest, multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables, consume enough water, avoid alcohol consumption, avoid smoking, regular exercise, and do other healthy lifestyles.

If menstruation lasts continuously, you should do a direct examination with an obstetrician / obgyn. The doctor will later conduct interviews, physical examinations, or supporting examinations (such as USG, etc.) if needed.

If you experience symptoms such as high fever, severe abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, then immediately see a doctor.

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