Normally The Amount Of Puerperal Blood?

I want to ask, I was born out, the blood that came out from week 3 to 4 was yellow and slimy a little, two days later, the blood came out a little, but the next day the blood that came out was rather large? Why is that ?? Is that normal ???

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During the puerperium it will produce puerperal fluid or called the lochia. Lokia is a normal fluid that comes out of the womb after giving birth. Lokia consists of erythrocytes, pieces of decidual tissue, epithelial cells, and bacteria. Chronic fluid will be produced up to 6 weeks postpartum, in which case the amount of the longer the number of choral produced will be less.

Types of lokia consisting of:
1. Lokia rubra (blood, tissue residue, and decidua) is produced in the first few hours. Then in the first 3-4 days it will decrease slowly and turn brownish red. 2. Lokia serosa is produced after 3-4 days, the color becomes younger and odorless.
3. Lokia alba (leukocytes and decidual cells that degenerate) is removed after 10 days or 2-3 weeks after giving birth, lochia will become thicker and white rather yellow.
4. During weeks 5 and 6 the lochia fluid is much reduced and stops at week 8.

Normally the amount of liquid lochia will be less accompanied by a clearer or yellowish liquid color (no longer fresh red or brown). If you enter the third and fourth weeks of localized fluid, the release of fresh blood, smells, has a fever, or lasts for more than 6 weeks it is necessary to suspect an infection in the puerperium. If so, you should consult directly with your doctor to get an examination. To prevent infection or worsening postpartum conditions, clean the vagina and perineum (the area between the anus and vulva) properly, take a shower at least once a day, and multiply rest.

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