Nosebleeds After Bleeding Gums?

,,, my child, a 6 year old girl, fell a few days ago and her teeth that were shaking finally fell out, but there was a little blood on her teeth that were dislodged, then suddenly she had a nosebleed, at that time she did have a cold and at that time. she was exercising at school and got hot, but after that she went back to studying and was cheerful again, what’s the danger?

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Nosebleeds or bleeding from the nose can occur for many reasons, here are some of them:

trauma to the nose (for example if your child's nose is hit when falling) the habit of picking the nose (picking his nose) blowing the nose too strong irritation and inflammation of the nose (for example when the child has a cold due to infection or allergies) dry air or the weather is too hot or too cold use of excessive nasal spray, tumors or malformations of blood vessels in the nose, blood clotting disorders and many more

Your child's nosebleeds may be due to an injury (if you hit your nose when you fall), a runny nose you are experiencing, or your child is blowing your nose too hard. As long as there is not much bleeding and can stop on its own, there is nothing for you to worry about.

If the bleeding occurs very much, it can't stop, there is a deformity of the nose after falling (the nose becomes crooked or tilted), immediately take your child to an ENT doctor for further evaluation and management.

Here's an article you can read about nosebleeds

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