Not Confident, Nervous Meeting New People And The Body Gets Tired Easily?

Illustration of Not Confident, Nervous Meeting New People And The Body Gets Tired Easily?
Illustration: Not Confident, Nervous Meeting New People And The Body Gets Tired Easily?

Morning doctor, first let me tell you first about myself. I am practically a person who is easily insecure, insecure, and nervous about meeting new people. Lately my sense of insecure and self-confidence has increased from usual, when I was around a lot of people even though the environment was familiar to me and no longer classified as a new person. I am also easily tired, and easily dizzy when I am not sick, easy to feel empty and alone, feel no friends, I also feel left behind from my closest friends and my environment where they look more productive and happy than me. Feelings like that began to feel during the past month. And in this one week I like no lives. Going to college was not enthusiastic, when the lecture took place I felt that what the lecturer had said did not enter my brain even though I had tried as focused as possible to pay attention, from there I felt very stupid and useless. Feeling sad for a long time since this week, feeling that people around me are ignorant and underestimate me, always feel hopeless, and always want to cry for no reason even though I am in a crowded place. Is the feeling that I experienced is still reasonable? And still classified as ordinary stress? Also how can I feel normal again, excited again, and no longer hopeless. thanks.

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The existence of complaints that are uncomfortable or insecure and feel useless that you feel right now, is likely a collection of feelings that you feel for a month, where you feel this is increasing because it was triggered by some of the things you encounter, or some things that make You were sad or disappointed before. The initial process that you feel and you encounter a month ago (or before this feeling of insecure increases from normal) can aggravate the psychological complaints and mood you feel. Therefore, the one who can generally identify the triggers for this complaint is you, because you better understand yourself, your self-response to the situation you are facing and good efforts to help control this complaint.

Some general conditions that often trigger the emergence of complaints are easily tired, dizzy, empty, not excited, not concentrating, may be easily sad, feel useless or feel insecure may be triggered by several things below, such as:

Physical fatigue that you continue to experience without being balanced with adequate rest and good relaxation. Or maybe you didn't sleep well enough and soundly will ease your feelings and all these complaints aggravate you
Lack of adequate nutritional needs and good fluids, so that your body's needs for nutritious food substances and vitamins are not met and are not balanced with your activities or workload
Increased job demands
Get unpleasant treatment, both from family, friends, at work
Difficulties or increasing economic burdens
Physical health is in a declining condition, such as a cold, cough, fever, or indigestion

If all these complaints do not last long, or do not interfere with your activities and work, or do not often repeat in the near future or do not affect the quality of your life, then this is a form of feeling and emotional complaints that are reasonable, as long as you can understand and control them. However, if this has been going on for one month, and it has begun to affect your productivity, but you cannot control it, then you should ask for professional help or psychiatrist or psychologist to help you in controlling all these complaints.

The doctor will conduct an interview related to the course of this complaint, then the doctor will conduct a physical examination and psychiatric examination related to the condition you feel. The results of the examination will help determine whether all the processes you are going through and feel are still in a reasonable condition, or have included stress, depression, or mood disorders. Although in general, these complaints can provide a picture of complaints that lead to a condition of depression, but this needs to be confirmed directly by your doctor. The doctor who carries out this examination will better understand your clinical condition and your psychological condition, which is important to help you control this complaint.

Furthermore, the doctor will provide care and supervision for you during the recovery period based on the results of interviews and examinations conducted. Thus, you will feel more calm, relaxed and your worries or insecurities will soon subside.

Some efforts can also be made to help control this complaint during the recovery period, such as:

Avoid conflicts around you
Avoid sleeping late
Avoid physical defeat
Get closer to God
Convince yourself, that all is well, and there is no one who doesn't care about you; that exists, yourself that may not want to be hurt and do not want to open up and find it difficult to let go of all the unpleasant things that you have ever felt
Convince yourself, your future is still long, and has nothing to do with others and there is no need for proof for others. Because what determines your future, success and goodness is you and God
Do regular exercise
Be a person who is easy to smile and is not afraid of anything other than God, because this will bring you to be a more resilient person and do good for others and free from excessive worry

Thus the info we can convey.

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