Not Feeling Well, Weak, Easily Tired And Sleepy After Eating Rice?

Afternoon, I want to ask. Since mid-december 2019 I have tried to change my diet, by not consuming rice / noodles in my diet, also reducing the consumption of sweet foods / drinks. Although not yet a total of 100%. Still running until now. But at some time, because of the cyclone, I had several times eaten rice (around 4-6 tablespoons) only a condition if I say. And not in a row. Well, for a few times, I felt afterward that my body wasn’t feeling well, felt lacking energy, easy to feel tired, sleepy. It’s different when I skip altogether and don’t consume white rice / noodles. I feel even more active, lighter in the body. I want to ask, is that normal? I am afraid there is an indication to diabetes. Thank you in advance.

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Mechanically, when food arrives in the stomach, the stomach will digest food, and proceed to the intestine to absorb the juice and separate it with the remaining substances to then be converted into impurities. When it is absorbed by nutrients contained in food, then the body will divide it throughout the body in need. Generally, most of the nutrients in food will be converted into energy and then will be used by the body's muscles to move and move.

However, the rest will help the body to produce and regulate a variety of hormones needed by the body, such as the hormone fullness (glucagon) and also the hormone melatonin (a sleepy stimulating hormone), so it is not surprising if when the body feels satiety or an excess supply of calories it will cause hormones this forms and causes drowsiness after eating, and the body will also feel more tired so that it will end with rest and sleep. However, although this happens generally only occurs in a short time, so afterwards if the drowsiness can be resisted the body will return to a fit condition and still be able to carry out activities as usual.

However, in some diseases, fatigue after eating tends to persist and make the body condition is not fresh, including diseases:

 diabetes food intolerance Celiac disease To determine it needs to be done a complete examination whether it is really only the effect of excessive food consumption or indeed there is interference with the body due to some of these diseases. While all you have to do, of course, is keep your food intake in a balanced nutritional state. In rice there are carbohydrates that are still needed by the body for the smooth metabolism of cells and for energy for your activities, so if you feel you are too sleepy after consuming white rice, then you can get around by consuming other complex carbohydrates that do not easily increase your glycemic index after you eat, like brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, etc. So that your carbohydrate needs are still met. It would be better if you consult directly with a nutritionist to be given guidance in managing your food every day according to your body's needs. Thus our explanation, hopefully help.

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