Not Pregnant After Being Married For 7 Months And Menstruation Is Indeed Irregular?

Illustration of Not Pregnant After Being Married For 7 Months And Menstruation Is Indeed Irregular?
Illustration: Not Pregnant After Being Married For 7 Months And Menstruation Is Indeed Irregular?

good afternoon, now I have entered 7 months of marriage but still not pregnant. after the menstrual marriage I became tratur. Last month I went to see my gynecologist who gave me luteron and benofimin drugs. the doctor said if I had menstruation, I had to control the lg to use the eggs. then yesterday I controlled the egg cell ultrasound and then I was given the Lanturol and Folas medicine. then my husband astria. consumed 1 time a day. the results of my ultrasound, the doctor said, I had a lot of eggs, but there was only a little gap.

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Hello, Mrs. Meli. Thank you for asking at Previously, I will explain several factors that can cause delayed pregnancy, including:

1. Hormonal imbalance of the body

In this case mainly the reproductive hormones in which the maturation of the egg and the release of the mature egg into the uterus are greatly influenced by these hormones. If there are things that cause disruption of the hormone system in the body, of course it can interfere with the process. Things that can affect or disrupt the hormonal balance in the body include, body being too thin or too fat / obesity, psychological stress, fatigue, or due to diseases such as PCOS, hyperthyroidism, endometriosis and others.

2. There are abnormalities in the reproductive organs

Abnormalities in the reproductive organs here can be in the form of abnormalities in the shape of the reproductive organs, such as uterine deformities, cervical / cervical deformities, abnormalities in the fallopian tubes and ovaries (ovaries) or due to blockages in the reproductive organs. An abnormality in the shape of the reproductive organs can make it difficult for the sperm to meet the egg, as well as if there is a blockage in the reproductive tract, either due to inflammation or other reasons.

3. Age factor

The age factor can also have an effect, because if the mother is old enough to approach menopause, it will also make it difficult to have offspring.

4. Frequency of sex

This is also important to pay attention to because there are times when a husband and wife partner are healthy and do not have a history of any disease, but because the frequency of intercourse is less, the presentation of the possibility of pregnancy will also be smaller. There is no standard ideal frequency in having sex, but for couples who are having a program of having a baby, it is better to do it more often, especially when entering the fertile period at least 3-4 times a week.

Then regarding the medicines that mother mentioned I will explain one by one.

First about luteron, this drug has an active ingredient called norethisterone which is a synthetic or artificial progesterone hormone. Progesterone is one of the reproductive hormones in women, generally drugs with this content are used to treat very painful menstruation, heavy menstruation, or those with a more frequent frequency than normal, can also be used for someone who has endometriosis, breast cancer and others. other. Side effects that can be felt are the same as other medicines, namely in some people (very rarely) in the form of a very severe allergic reaction such as sneezing, difficulty breathing, skin redness and itching, and swelling of the face, tongue, hands and feet. Other side effects can include headache, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, breast pain, constipation, dry mouth, etc.

For benofomin, it contains metformin hydrochloride. Basically metformin is a drug used to control blood sugar levels in the body by its main action by increasing insulin sensitivity in the body, so it is generally used as a therapy for people with Diabetes Mellitus, but this drug is also used as a therapy for people with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). ). This syndrome is motivated by insulin resistance so that it can manifest with many symptoms in it, so that metformin can be used to overcome the body's insensitivity to this hormone insulin.

Lanturol, is a supplement that contains vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which functions to reduce the rate of destruction of cells in the body. Some studies suggest that vitamin E can increase the thickness of the uterine lining, improve sperm health and movement and reduce the incidence of miscarriage. In women it is also widely used to prevent complications in women with pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure in pregnant women), pain during menstruation, and others.

Meanwhile, Folas is a supplement that contains folic acid. Pregnant women and those who are pregnant can consume folic acid because it can prevent miscarriage and abnormalities in the fetal nervous system such as spina bifida (failure to close the fetal back so that the spinal cord is released).

And for the medicine given to your husband, namely astria, the content is astaxanthin. Astaxanthin itself is a carotenoid, which is a natural pigment contained in several plants and animals such as algae, salmon, lobster, shrimp, etc., causing a reddish color. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant, which can protect body cells from damage as well as improve the function of the body's immune system. In several studies, it is stated that men who consume this content can increase the ratio of the occurrence of pregnancy to their partners.

Because there are many factors that can affect the occurrence of pregnancy, my advice is that you can return to consult about the current state of the mother to the relevant doctor, especially to an obstetrician. Our advice for now is that you should be able to evaluate the things I have mentioned above regarding the current condition of mothers and partners. In addition, because the mother is also in the middle of being treated by doctors, it is better if we first look at the development of the therapy that has been given by the doctor.

Hope our answers help, thank you.

Good night

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