Numb After Being Run Over By A Truck?

Illustration of Numb After Being Run Over By A Truck?
Illustration: Numb After Being Run Over By A Truck?

Afternoon, I’m a 20 year old male. 4 days ago I was grazed by a truck and my right leg was crushed. But I have been to the hospital and have been x-rayed, and as a result my bones were not broken or cracked, my legs were only swollen. But in my swelling there is a part that is numb, when touched it doesn’t feel anything. About this part of the numbed skin is it dangerous or not? Thank you

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Hello Dioni, thank you for asking

Numbness is a condition in which certain parts of the body are unable to feel the stimuli received including touch stimulation, vibration, cold or heat on the skin. Death or numbness or numbness is one symptom of a neurological disorder or called neuropathy. throughout the body can experience interference due to certain diseases or injuries.

Injuries suffered for example due to collisions, or pressure and so on. if you have previously suffered an injury, you can feel the numbness or sense of feeling caused by nerve disorders. For example, nerves are suppressed ajringan surrounding.

Trauma or injury to the foot that causes swelling is usually an inflammatory response due to tissue damage due to injury such as swelling in the muscles and surrounding soft tissue that can cause stress on certain nerves and then cause neurological disorders and complaints of numbness.

Not all complaints of numbness are dangerous conditions, can also be temporary symptoms resulting from nerve impingement. And if the nerve impingement is freed usually these complaints will improve slowly.

But to make sure the complaint you feel is a nerve disorder, it needs a direct examination such as sensory examination of the numb part. For example sensory tests with temperature stimulation, pain and so on. It is best to consult a doctor with a nerve sepsialis if the complaint persists, although the swelling in the leg is reduced. The doctor may suggest a number of examinations to help.

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