Numb Hands, Back Pain And Chest Pain?

Illustration of Numb Hands, Back Pain And Chest Pain?
Illustration: Numb Hands, Back Pain And Chest Pain?

Mlm. Yesterday mlm both my hands felt numb and my legs and my back also hurt after a few minutes later the pain in my back disappeared but my chest was sore. I want to ask what are the symptoms? Thank you in advancešŸ˜Š

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Hello Channie, thank you for using service.

Is this the first time you feel this complaint, or has it been before? Do the symptoms of chest pain occur at the same time with a short distance from back pain and numbness in the hands?

From the complaints that you convey, it is likely due to the blood flow that is not smooth, it could be due to muscle tension, and pain also radiates according to the flow / nerve pathways that are affected. Physical fatigue due to strenuous activity all day, lack of rest, not doing sports diligently, and lack of fluids in the body can cause blood flow that is not smooth on the hands, and tension in the back that spreads to the feet. Pain in the back as well as legs and chest can be due to muscle pain or myalgia.

Myalgia is pain that appears in the muscles of the body, where this pain can occur in almost any part of the body. Muscle pain usually also involves other tissues such as ligaments, fascia, or tendons. The cause of pain in the muscles can be due to overexertion, injury or trauma to the muscles, or tension in one or several parts of the body. Other causes that may cause the complaint you feel include:

Fibromyalgia: a condition in which soft tissues and muscles ache to the touch, coupled with difficulty sleeping, headaches and fatigue. Dystonia: a condition in which the muscles contract involuntarily Side effects of drugs: blood pressure-lowering drugs (ACE inhibitors), and cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) have been shown to have an effect on the incidence of pain in the muscles to ascertain the underlying cause of the complaints you feel , it's a good idea to consult and check with a nerve doctor. So that the doctor examines all parts of your body, especially the parts that are painful and numb. If the physical examination is still not able to support the diagnosis, there may be additional tests such as laboratory, or X-ray photos, or other additional examinations.

There are several tips that you can do to reduce the pain that you are complaining about, including:

rest the body part that is experiencing enough sleep pain and avoid stress. Do sports to be able to relax tense muscles, start with low intensity exercise to compress the sore area with ice for 5-10 minutes avoid strenuous activities such as lifting weights or doing activity that overloads the muscles That's all for our explanation, hopefully it's useful. Thank you..

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