Numb Tongue?

Illustration of Numb Tongue?
Illustration: Numb Tongue?

Sorry to ask. My mother has experienced numbness of the tongue for 2 years so that she has no appetite? Maybe there is a solution to the pain? thank you

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Hello, Istiana Ramzi, thank you for asking

Numbness of the tongue can be caused by several possible causes, such as:

1. There is an infection of the tongue or body, for example due to fungi (for example: oral candidiasis), bacteria (for example in typhoid infection), flu

2. Teeth problems

3. Ear disorders

4. Due to old inflammation, for example leukoplakia

5. Neurological disorders such as Bell's palsy, stroke

6. Effect of certain drugs

7. Effect of action / surgery on the tongue, ear, nose, or throat

8. Lack of certain supplements, such as vitamin B12, zinc

9. Acid reflux disease

To determine the cause, a direct physical examination must be carried out, taking information from in-depth interviews, as well as any supporting examinations that may be needed, such as a complete blood test to tissue sampling. Treatment depends on the cause. Immediately take it to the doctor if the complaint does not improve, there are other symptoms such as: fever, tongue pain, facial swelling, facial pain, difficulty swallowing, slurred speech, weakness of half of the limbs.

The solution for now is to find the cause of the pain by getting checked out immediately. What can be done is to ensure adequate intake of nutrients and fluids every day, maintain oral hygiene by brushing teeth 2x / day and cleaning the tongue slowly, avoiding smoking, and can try tips on increasing appetite like this article.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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