Numbness And Pain In The Arms And Legs?

Illustration of Numbness And Pain In The Arms And Legs?
Illustration: Numbness And Pain In The Arms And Legs?

, my mother is 68 years old, has been complaining about numbness or tingling in her hands to her fingertips. In addition, he also complained that his legs felt pain from the groin to the knee is also difficult to be made to move (hard hands / heavy to be lifted, his feet were heavy to move). U003cbr /u003eTek.darah: 159/93, gout: 2.4 , blood sugar (when): 96, cholesterol: 161, HDL: 32, LDL: 105 u003cbr / u003eWe have already been to the doctor to check this condition, given pain relievers and high blood-lowering drugs plus vitamins. u003cbr / u003e I have been taking medicine and my condition remains numb and still difficult to be felt by my mother. u003cbr / u003e

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A history of complaints of tingling and numb legs and hands that are difficult or heavy when removed, this condition can often be triggered by metabolic disorders such as diabetes. In addition to diabetes, several other conditions can also cause similar complaints, such as:

 Vitamin B deficiency Nerve irritation Spinal cord pressure Osteoarthritis of the knee or knee joint stiffness Joint inflammation Muscle inflammation Trauma Electrolyte disturbances However, seeing the information that has been done and has been evaluated by a doctor who treats your mother, there is a metabolic disorder that aggravates this complaint may not exist, either excessive blood lipid disorders or diabetes disorders.

Patients with complaints of motion disorders and persistent pain, especially in elderly patients (68 years) may be related to disorders of the nervous system that are responsible for the function of motion. Nervous system disorders can be caused by spinal cord compression due to degeneration or the influence of age.

Patients with interveretebral disc degeneration or spinal degeneration can experience degenerative processes due to aging, where there is nerve compression in the nerve pathways leading to the feet and hands. This emphasis can be caused by the formation of herniation of the spinal cushions or it can also be caused by stenosis or widening of the bone so that it fills pathways or nerve spaces that eventually press on the spinal cord system. Patients with spinal stenosis or abnormal herniation / protrusion of the spinal cavity may be accompanied by several annoying comorbid complaints, such as:

 Chronic pain in the region of the spine to the limbs' Thickness or tingling in the limbs Easy cramps Stiff or heavy or inflexible movements Creepy pain such as electrocuted can also be felt Until digestive disturbances and control of micturition function However, all of these need further evaluation by a doctor who treats your mother or by a neurologist who treats your mother. The doctor will conduct an interview regarding the course of this complaint. Furthermore, the doctor will conduct a direct examination of the patient's body system and plan further examinations such as blood tests, radiological examinations or scans. The results of the examination will be a reference in determining the cause of this complaint. Handling and care can be done according to the results of the diagnosis or the results of the examination carried out. Giving drugs or carrying out medical rehabilitation is one effort that can be done to help reduce pain, improve bodily functions and maintain good bodily functions.

As for high blood pressure, routine treatment should continue to be done to prevent complications of other diseases that are at risk such as heart disease, eye disorders or stroke.

To help reduce this complaint and to support the recovery period, several other efforts can be made, such as:

 Idealize weight Avoiding strenuous activities Reducing walking too far, or heavy loads of activity Avoiding going up and down stairs that are not needed Avoiding sleeping late at night Trying to stretch and exercise according to doctor's instructions Avoiding physical fatigue Sufficient fluid requirements Such information we can convey.

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