Nutrition For Cancer Patients?

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au ask what juice to kill cancer cells

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Hi Liisda, Thank you for your question on

Cancer is an abnormal growth of body cells until it spreads and attacks other parts of the body, cancer is also called a malignant tumor. Cancer cells are cells that have lost control of their division; this is related to the disruption of the control function of DNA contained by the cell. Cancer treatment is therefore aimed at disrupting the function of this division, for example with chemotherapy drugs and radiotherapy.

Cancer cells that die due to chemotherapy / radiotherapy will experience the same fate as normal body cells that die, namely experiencing cell breakdown and cell destruction, which will then be cleared by the immune system.

There are several categories of foods in cancer healing that may be helpful and useful to you:

·       Foods that can aggravate/feed cancer cells: artificial sugar, soda, high-sugar foods, modified flours.

·       Foods suspected of causing cancer: Fast food, margarine, food or drink containing artificial sugar (aspartame), msg.

·       Foods or drinks that may interfere with cancer healing: alcohol, caffeinated drinks.

·       Nutritious foods that help kill cancer cells, slowing their spread: grapes, raspberries, strawberries, brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, almonds.

Basically the same as healthy food in general and stay away from unhealthy foods. You should consult a nutritionist for the right program.

Thank you, hopefully useful. dr. Nurmarwiyah

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