Nutritional Needs For Toddlers To Prevent Corona Virus

Illustration of Nutritional Needs For Toddlers To Prevent Corona Virus
Illustration: Nutritional Needs For Toddlers To Prevent Corona Virus

Hello doc, I want to ask. Are the nutritional needs of toddlers when there is no corona virus when the same corona virus exists? If it’s the same explain and if it’s not the same, please explain the dock!

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Hello Ms. Erna

The nutritional needs of children under five roughly will not change before the presence of the corona virus or after the presence of the corona virus is known in the world, as long as the child does not get sick huh.

The difference is that when a child falls ill, whatever the cause, the nutritional needs needed by the child are expected to make the body produce optimal endurance, then that is the caloric value and the composition of builders (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) and regulating substances ( vitamins and minerals) must be adjusted so that the immune system is more optimal. So just eating a lot doesn't guarantee much better, mom, but it must optimize food intake. Everyday mothers can use nutritionally balanced food guidelines for their children's and family's food, but especially infants less than 6 months old will only get exclusive breastfeeding or on the consideration of pediatricians. Meanwhile, if a sick child is being treated in a hospital, his nutritional needs will be calculated in such a way by a nutritionist and / or doctor in accordance with the child's condition and also the disease he is experiencing so that it is expected that his body can more optimally fight the disease he is experiencing.

The purpose of providing good food and drink serves to help the healing process better, so that the time / duration of illness is much shorter and the risk of worsening the situation can be lower.

So as long as your child is not sick and not in an environment with a high corona virus risk, it is hoped that you will not have to worry too much, but will continue to behave in a healthy lifestyle, such as:

 Avoid going out of the house and hanging out with people. Get used to always wash your hands every time you touch an object that might have been contaminated with germs. Maintain personal hygiene (bathing regularly, changing clothes that have been dirty or wet / damp with dry clothes and clean) and the environment (cleaning home, yard, etc.) Exercising regularly Consuming balanced nutritious food Drink plenty of water Hopefully useful

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