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amu’alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.. I want to ask what is stunting? I have a toddler aged 2 years and 4 months with a weight of 11kg and a weight of 87cm is that normal..because my child is small compared to his older son is lactose intolerant so after 2 years of breastfeeding he doesn’t drink any milk because he has severe diarrhea when he drinks it too much..please advise

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Wa'alaikumussalam wr.wb Thoriq Abdul R, thank you for the question.

First, let me ask you, is your child a girl or a boy?

Children are the responsibility of parents so ensuring children grow and develop optimally is an important task for both parents. To measure a child's growth, the standard usually used for children under 5 years old (toddlers) is to use the WHO curve. This curve will assess the nutritional status of children based on the following 3 things:

BB/U or weight according to age TB/U or height according to age BB/TB or weight according to height

Stunting or short stature is a condition in which a child's height/length according to age is more than two standard deviations (SD) below the median WHO growth standard curve. Stunting generally reflects malnutrition for a long time (chronic) during the early period of growth and development of children. There are several causes and risk factors for stunting in children, namely:

Mothers are anemic and malnourished during pregnancy Mothers are malnourished when breastfeeding Babies are introduced to water/tea before they are 6 months old (do not apply exclusive breastfeeding) Poor feeding patterns to children Poor environmental sanitation which makes babies susceptible to infection infections, such as intestinal worms or recurrent diarrhea Genetic and environmental factors Underlying medical conditions, such as FAS syndrome (fetus alcohol syndrome) and so on

Based on the WHO curve, your child's BB/U is at -2 to 0 SD (if it's a boy or a girl) which means that age-appropriate weight is still normal, age-appropriate height is between -2 to 0 SD ( boys/girls) which means that the age-appropriate height is still normal, and the BB/TB is between -1 to 0 SD (girls) and -1 SD (boys) which means the child's weight is based on height his body is normal.

Based on this information, if the measurements are taken correctly, then for now your child's growth is still within normal limits. However, it is recommended that you keep regular check-ups with your doctor to monitor your toddler's growth and development. In addition to weight, other things that need to be monitored from a child's growth and development, namely body length, head circumference, and motor development of children.

You can read about stunting babies and their prevention as an additional article.

May be useful.

dr. Sonia L

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