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now i am 34 weeks pregnant. At 32 weeks I checked the ultrasound and he said my baby’s position was oblique and asked to be controlled again a month after. I want to ask is there a way I can do to make the position normal? Thx

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Good evening, thanks for the question

If the baby's head has not entered the door above the pelvis, the position of the fetus can still change, although at gestational age above 34 weeks it rarely happens because the size of the baby is already large so it is difficult for the baby to turn.

The normal position of the baby when it is about to do a normal delivery is the head down with the presentation of the top of the big crown. This position is in accordance with the normal physiology of labor.

Some tips so that the position of the baby's head is below before childbirth, among others:

1. External cephalic inversion

This method is performed in a hospital or health facility with ultrasound guidance, done by manipulating the position of the baby by pressing the surface of the mother's stomach and uterus. This method can be done at 35-38 weeks of gestation.

2. Breech tilt

Performed on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips and place a few pillows so that your buttocks are raised about 10-15 inches above your head.

3. Knee chest position

This position can make the baby rotate because it provides room for the baby to change position.

So, hopefully this information can be useful

dr. Farah

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