Oblique Nasal Bones?

You see, I often have headaches, then I checked with the ENT doctor, he said that my nose bone was tilted (right rice), so it had to be removed by surgery. What I want to ask is if it has been eroded, then the nose bone is automatically thin, is the nasal bone still strong or what? Please explain doctor

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Between the right and left nostrils are bounded by a bone known as the septum nasii. Normally, this septum is located in the middle between the two nostrils. However, in some conditions, a nasal septum can be found that grows sideways abnormally, it can be from birth or just appear as an adult. This condition in the medical field is termed a deviation of the nasal septum.

Deviation of the nasal septum which is not very significant inclination may not cause any symptoms. However, if the tilt is striking enough, the patient may experience difficulty breathing through one of the nostrils. In addition, sufferers are also more prone to experience nosebleeds, sleep disorders, and sinusitis. This set of conditions can eventually cause you to experience recurring headaches.

As mentioned above, nasal septal deviation can occur due to abnormalities from birth, or it can also be acquired in adulthood, namely due to a history of injury to the nose. Regardless of the cause, if you have a noticeable slope of the nasal septum and are not treated properly, then you can be more prone to recurring headaches. In addition, the difficulty breathing that occurs can also cause your mouth to become dry, sleep snoring, and reduce sleep quality. Therefore, as advised by your doctor, you should deal with this early.

Handling of nasal septal deviation can be done through several procedures, namely:

Administration of drugs, usually intended to reduce the complaints experienced by sufferers, for example by administering decongestants, anti-histamines, steroids, and several other drugs
Operation (septoplasty), performed by cutting the sloping septum nasii, then repositioning it in the middle between the 2 nostrils
Nasal septum scraping, performed by modifying the bone and cartilage (soft bone) in the nasal septum so as not to cause airway obstruction, this procedure is usually combined with surgery (septoplasty)

Regarding your question, whether the nasal septum that has been eroded is still strong or not, the answer is of course yes. This is because the cells in the nasal septum are able to regenerate themselves so that they can return to function as before. However, of course it takes a long time for the cells in your nasal septum to return to normal function. In general, this postoperative recovery can last for 2 to 6 weeks. During this recovery period, you are advised to first limit excessive physical activity (for example lifting heavy objects, running, or doing other strenuous exercise) to minimize swelling, bleeding, and optimize healing.

Consult directly with an ENT specialist regarding the best treatment according to your condition.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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