Often Aloof And Does Not Like To Hear Other People’s Opinions?

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, I’d like to ask. I’m 18 years old. I really like being alone. And I don’t like hearing opinions that often corner me from my parents. Here I am not allowed to express my emotions at all. I can’t be angry, I can’t cry, I can’t even say what I want. And every day people around me, make words that can be said to damage my self-esteem. Even though I’m a child. From small things to big things. Cohtoh: One time I felt there was something strange with my parents, I didn’t even know what the problem was. They will blame me saying that I am the root of the problem. And there was another time when I tried to help my sister, my parents even said that I was playing against my sister. I am also often left alone or with my three younger siblings at home. There was a time when I felt very angry. And I poured it all out while crying to my aunt. But when my aunt conveyed all my unek2 to my parents. My parents said that I was a liar, even saying that in front of my extended family. There I was just silent, holding back tears. But in the end I couldn’t help it. Even my grandmother did the same thing even worse, and in the end my parents didn’t believe me. Honestly, for the umpteenth time I tried to end my life. But every time I want to do it, all I think about is my parents and I always think not to die in vain. And to be honest, I am quite dependent on gadgets. Not for what. Because I think gadgets understand my feelings better. It can make me smile even where I share my story. And honestly I feel I have never felt parental love as it should. I think they just gave me money, clothes etc just to show that they thought of me. But don’t listen to their facial expressions. I often cry alone remembering my childhood, where I was beaten, pinched, and locked from the front of the house. According to the doctor what should I do? And if this is one of the symptoms of depression, should I take medication?

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Depression is a psychological condition in mood disorders in which a person feels insignificant and experiences excessive sadness for more than 2 weeks and can affect the pattern of thinking, feeling and behavior of the sufferer. Depression is a psychological condition that is sometimes underestimated or even not well recognized so that it can cause sufferers not to seek solutions or treatment and can lead to bad things such as wanting to kill themselves or injure themselves.

Your feelings or moods that feel belittled by those around you can lead to depression if this problem is not resolved properly.

For cases like this it would be very good if you consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. By seeing an expert, the expert can better describe your mental state more thoroughly. In addition, you can also get treatment in the form of counseling, oral medication to reduce depression if it is really necessary (according to a doctor's examination), group therapy.

With a third party (psychologist) this expert can be a bridge or liaison between you and your family. Of course it will require examination or cooperation from the rest of your family.

There are many types of depression, ranging from =

postpartum depression. persistent depression, where depression is mild and prolonged (symptoms may persist for more than 2 years). depression due to psychological disorders such as bipolar depression before menstruation, generally disappears once menstruation is over. major depression, is very dangerous and requires immediate treatment. Immediately consult your psychiatrist or psychologist. With a good examination, the expert can help provide appropriate treatment and help you deal with your depression problems.

Tips that you can do to reduce your disappointment or sadness can be by doing a hobby you like, thinking positively, looking for an environment or friend who understands and has a positive influence, getting closer to God or your religion, exercising, listening to music.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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