Often Blame Yourself For Being Humiliated?

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I want to ask. I have been humiliated because of my own mistakes, until now I blame myself and feel scared and worried / worried if I was at the location when I was humiliated and the incident, always remembered suddenly when I was doing activities. But I couldn’t avoid the location because it was my own campus and when the incident occurred again my body felt achy and felt uneasy. Is this trauma? And does this need to be consulted by a psychologist ??

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Mental pressure caused by shame can indeed make a person lose his confidence. The impact, when faced with the same conditions, can arise a variety of physical complaints, for example, palpitations, shortness of breath, anxiety, pain or rheumatic pain in various parts of the body, difficulty sleeping, excessive sweating, and so on. In fact, this condition does not always include psychiatric disorders. Provided that you can respond to it properly, still be able to go to campus, and your lecture activities are not interrupted, this condition is still quite reasonable.

You should be vigilant if the fears or anxieties that you experience are too excessive to make you not want to go to campus, more often shut yourself up, lazy to hang out with friends or relatives, also not able to work properly (including during college). If it's like this, then it could be a complaint arises because of social anxiety disorder (social phobia), depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, delusional disorder, and so on. If you experience this condition, obviously you need to get further treatment. The trick, you can visit your nearest doctor or psychiatrist (psychiatrist) so that it can be evaluated more deeply through psychiatric interviews or other supporting tests to rule out other organic causes. Then doctors can give you the best treatment, for example by psychotherapy, drug administration, group therapy, and so on.

For now, you can try the following steps:

Make peace with your past, forgive those who have embarrassed you, do not hold grudges, let alone to think too much
Cultivate positive thinking, rest assured that God gives you a test to forge you to become a better person, including with embarrassing events before
Also believe, that the people around you have been prepared by God to support your development
Also, know that each person has a different schedule and business, and not all of them pay attention to you, let alone have bad intentions towards you
Always live a healthy lifestyle
Increase exercise and relaxation
Don't over-drink caffeinated drinks
Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, especially drugs

Hope this helps ...

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