Often Bloated And Can Not Fart?

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I once had appendicitis, was not severe and was not operated on. I’m often bloated and can’t fart, can I take a freegas supplement? Will it cure my complaint?

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Hello Erika Ananda Lestari,

Flatulence complaints are complaints that can be found in 16-30% of patients who come for treatment. Bloating is a sensation that the stomach feels full and a lot of gas, especially after eating. This is caused by:

 Excessive gas production from the type of food or drink consumed Disorders of bowel movements Intolerance of certain food ingredients Flatulence sometimes causes discomfort in the stomach and stomach that looks bigger. A direct examination by a doctor can determine whether your stomach is bloated or not; whether enlargement of the stomach due to gas or other causes such as fluid retention or the presence of a mass / tumor in the stomach.

Some things you can do to reduce frequent bloating stomach complaints are:

 Chew food well before swallowing Don't talk when eating Don't eat in a hurry Don't eat in large portions. It is better to eat smaller portions but the frequency of eating more often Avoid foods that when you eat triggers bloating. Some people have lactose intolerance, fructose, gluten, eggs, flour Avoid consuming soda or chewing gum too often Some types of high-fiber foods (cabbage, broccoli, string beans, cabbage, etc.) can produce gas when digested in the digestive tract . Write down what foods are approximately after you eat heavier bloating complaints. Drink enough water Regular exercise for good bowel movements Consumption of digestive enzyme supplements (such as the supplements you mentioned) or probiotics can help reduce complaints of flatulence. Make sure none of your conditions are contraindicated in giving these supplements. In certain conditions such as flatulence and get bigger quickly, no bowel movements and no farting at all until the stomach is very painful, palpable pain accompanied by fever or continuous vomiting, you should immediately see a doctor. If this condition has been going on for a long time, it is also a good idea to check with your doctor first to find out if there are certain diseases that cause complaints that you feel. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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