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Good night … My daughter is 8 years old … It often develops boils … For example there is 1 on the thigh … then it does not become pus but the boils deflate on their own … But 1 or 2 weeks later a boil appears again in different areas … And always never broke / festering … About only bacteria or because the boils do not break yes … can often appear boils … What should I do? Need to be given a special drug or what? I’ve been told to be smeared with wasp oil .. Ulcers that do not fester are there any problems? And is it true that excess protein can trigger ulcers? Please explain … Thank you very much.

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Hello, thanks in advance for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Boils are a skin disorder where lumps are usually red, painful and pus-filled. This is caused by a bacterial infection that causes inflammation in the growth of hair / hair follicles. The location also varies from the face, armpits, buttocks, thighs, etc. The main cause is due to an infection of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria generally these bacteria can indeed be found around the skin but if it enters the hair follicles then these bacteria can trigger inflammation and boils appear. Besides boils can also be transmitted by direct contact from others, in people who are self-hygiene and the environment is less awake, have decreased immune system, or have other skin problems.

Boils that break or do not still need proper treatment, even if the boils break, they can spread to other places, for that some ways that can be done include:

- Compress with warm water
- Do not suppress boils because they can worsen the infection
- Keep clean
- If the pain is unbearable, can take pain medication

In addition, if there are some severe conditions on the boil, for example, cause people with fever, continue to grow and be very sick, grow more than one fruit in the same location, located on the nose, face, or spine, often recur, do not heal until 2 weeks , or sufferers have problems with the immune system or are taking drugs that reduce the immune system (chemotherapy or steroid treatment), then immediately consult a dermatologist because in this case requires more serious treatment, which is necessary to take antibiotics or with antibiotic ointments, but if boils that are filled with pus do not fade or deflate and instead getting bigger and worse, the doctor may decide to do the surgery by making an incision to remove the pus.

In addition, here are some steps for proper care at home:
- Compress using warm water to help pull the pus out. it takes about ten days the pus will start to come out to the surface of the skin.
- When pus comes out, clean with warm water and antibacterial soap until the pus is clean and rinse with alcohol.
- Apply antibiotic ointment and dressing with a bandage.
- Clean ulcers 2-3 times a day to heal.

Thus the information we can convey, thank you.

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