Often Cry And Get Angry Easily Due To Bullying?

assalamuallaikum, good night, I want to ask … but before that I want to tell you beforehand that when I was in elementary school I was a victim of bullying for 4 years at school. This incident resulted in every time I entered the new school year I always felt anxious and afraid I would experience it happened again until I was at the college level still feeling anxious and afraid. Every time I remember my childhood when I was in elementary school, I always cried, and when I opened social media then accidentally saw my friends who bullied me before, suddenly I remembered that incident and I must cry. Because of that incident I also felt that my attitude I changed that at first I was very patient, now I get angry easily. What I want to ask, is my condition related to psychological disorders, huh? if so good what should i do? thank you

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To assess whether you have mental / psychological health problems, you need to check with a psychologist or psychiatrist. With expert examination, it will certainly be easier to find out the cause of your current complaint.

Bullying is a problem that has been around for a long time but has experienced a very extreme trend of increasing in recent years. Bullying can happen anywhere. Bullying has various types ranging from verbal abuse (involving mental violence = harsh words) and physical (involving physical violence) or both at once.

Anyone can become a victim of bullying.

Good cooperation between the school, the victim and the attacker, and parents is needed to prevent this bullying from progressing to dangerous things.

Regarding your condition that becomes irritable (experiencing sudden mood changes) can be caused by =

personality disorder. bipolar. hormonal changes (common in women). certain medical conditions that can affect personality changes such as brain infections, tumors, side effects of drugs (especially drugs). Of course it needs to be clear about your condition well. Therefore, if the condition of your mental changes has seriously disturbed your productivity and your daily life, we highly recommend asking for help from third parties, namely experts such as psychologists or psychiatrists to help check your mental health condition.

Manage stress, relax and calm yourself down, surround yourself with positive people and get close to God, keep a journal or diary to express your grief or sadness or find someone who can help and listen to your complaints.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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