Often Cry Quietly And Bury Emotions?

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I am Supi 23, I have a child aged 6 months. I have a sister who has a child at the age of 15 months and we haven’t worked anymore and have been living in the parents’ house since having children. R nI feel that my mother has a preference for my child, when I see a mother like that I remember the past that I experienced I used to go to high school like this … I was always chosen to love my brother and sister (this is what I feel). When there is such a feeling of envy, I think what my child also have to experience what I felt first? R nI often fantasize having another life in my mind, (life is completely different) I am often happy just because I think about it and unconsciously smile . r nWhen my mother was more like my son, there was a feeling of anger and pain. I often cry secretly. Even without realizing because too often buried my feelings had cried in front of them. They only said that if they treated us the same. R nWhen I asked because I wanted something (for example the cupboard) I was immediately answered that I wanted to put it where the room was full, I relented. And how long after that I’ll buy 2 cabinets directly stored in the living room. I can only smile bitterly. There are many other things like that. R nEven when my child had a bit of a problem, I talked to my mother, ma’am, how come this is my hand, he said where is it, oh my, I ignored it. Until when I played at my aunt’s house, my aunt said why is this the child’s hand? And it turns out there really is a problem. Many other things also when I ask my mother are always wrong. I am angry why he keeps doing it r nI decided not to discuss anything with my mother but in the end always talk and end up getting hurt again. R nI why?

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Hello Supi! Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Every parent would want to give the best for their children, but you can not force others to give the best for your child. You yourself might not know the story behind your sister. For example, it could be that your brother bought the cupboard with his own money or maybe used your mother's money, but so far your sister has been giving money to your mother more often. You may need an evaluation, what you have given to your mother. Avoid thinking too much and expecting what your parents can give you. In addition, it seems healthier for you if you live apart from your parents. Your non-working condition also allows you to take care of your own home and children without the help of your parents. Keep treating your mother well, if you can do better than now. We cannot change others into what we want, we can only change ourselves. The way you treat your mother well can also be a good example for your mother. If you find it difficult to do this, you can also consult a psychiatrist to help you manage your mind better, so you can be more comfortable.

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