Often Discharge, Smells Bad From The Vagina Since Childbirth?

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Hello, I am salsa aged 16 years, I was married at 15 years old and now I have just given birth for more than 1 month but why is it that since I gave birth to my vagina every day it comes out white mucus to Kuningan and there is a little blood so there is no brown, and that very smelly. In the beginning, when I first gave birth, it didn’t smell bad, and it was just a normal vaginal discharge that I often experienced, but from 2 weeks after giving birth until now it itches and smells bad, why huh? R n r nPlease answer yes, because I’m afraid really 🙏🏻 r n r n_wasalam_ thanks 🙂

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. Mucus that comes out of the vagina is called vaginal discharge, and the presence of vaginal discharge is very normal in women as one of the body's mechanisms to carry dead cells and bacteria out to keep the vagina clean. Normal vaginal discharge is clear to whitish and odorless. Normal conditions are also usually not followed by itching or burning in the vaginal area.

Among the characteristics of abnormal vaginal discharge are:

Green, yellow or frothy. This condition is caused by a parasitic infectious disease called trichomoniasis. Whitish with blisters. Usually this condition is caused by infection with the genital herpes virus. Thin mucus is white or gray, and smells fishy. This condition is called bacterial vaginosis and is preceded by a bacterial infection. No itching or irritation, but it does smell bad.

Our advice is to get your condition checked by a gynecologist because there is a big possibility that an infection will occur in your female organs. Your doctor will then ask about your sexual history and your husband's sexual history, a history of hygiene in your feminine area, a history of pregnancy and childbirth, when these symptoms began and what other symptoms accompany them. If necessary, your doctor may later take a little of the yellowish liquid to be examined in the laboratory. After that, your doctor will advise you to take the appropriate medication, which can be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal or feminine antiseptic.

Meanwhile, our advice is to avoid sexual intercourse until it is clear what disease you are experiencing. It is better if you bring your husband with you during the examination to the doctor so that your husband can also be checked for the presence of his disease. Avoid wearing tights and using vaginal cleansers, especially those that smell like perfume. In addition, keep your feminine area clean by regularly changing your underwear, and rinsing your genitals from front to back. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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