Often Dizzy, The Eyes Feel Tired Is There Something To Do With Low Blood Sugar Levels?

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At night, I am 20 years old, I often feel dizzy and have tired eyes. When class 3SMA (2016-2017) my eyes minus 1. After graduating from high school I no longer wear glasses until now. This week (8/3/20) I checked my eyes and it turned out to be minus 2.75. (3/13/20) I check blood sugar levels and the results are 45 mg / dL. Does the result of that affect the vision problems (blurred) in my eyes? So that my minus increases? I consume carrots almost every day. Every time I go to the doctor, my blood pressure is always low. I am encouraged to eat foods to increase blood but my blood is always low.

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A history of minus or nearsighted eye which is now minus 2.75 and your blood sugar test results are 45mg / dL, then these two things are not related and low blood sugar does not cause eye irritation minus or does not cause minus increase. Disturbed vision can be triggered by risk factors:

 Genetic, where family members have a history of sharp visual impairment Reading habits Work side effects, such as working at a computer continuously stabbing, writing for a long time Lack of light during activities that require details Lack of contact or activity under daylight, some experts suggests activity under the sun for at least 2 hours per day. Therefore, blurry eye complaints that you feel, and minus the increased eye value, are not caused by low blood sugar. Or if you have a history of low blood pressure, this also does not cause sharp visual disturbances or cause minus values ​​to rise.

Therefore, if your current minus value is 2.75 and you feel your activity is disturbed because your eyes are getting blurry then you should consider using glasses to help control complaints of sharp vision because of minus eyes.

While there are complaints about low blood sugar and low blood pressure, you should also consider the following things to prevent these complaints from bothering you, such as:

 Inadequate nutritious food, vegetables, protein, carbohydrates Avoid instant food in packs Avoid late eating habits Avoid eating habits in small amounts, but adjust to your energy needs and your activity needs Avoid sleep late at night Avoid physical fatigue Perform routine exercise, starting with mild exercise activities then gradually increase the intensity of exercise time and weight Avoid stress Ideally your body weight Sufficient water Avoid spicy foods, foods with strong flavoring, or drinks in containers All of this is expected to help increase your blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar level is low, it can often lead to complaints of dizziness, nausea, weakness, frequent drowsiness or cold sweat. Periodically evaluate your sugar levels, such as once a month to ensure that you have enough energy to supply energy needs to your body's systems.

If your blood pressure is indeed low, it is possible that this blood pressure value is normal for you personally, but the measurement of blood pressure with this same value for others with blood pressure that is usually normal, can be a low blood pressure and disturbing for others . However, for you this value is a blood pressure value that is still reasonable.

However, all of this does need to be confirmed directly with your family doctor or internist or your ophthalmologist. Without a direct examination and evaluation from your doctor, then this complaint cannot be ascertained the cause and clinical implications for your general health. The doctor will conduct an interview related to the complaint that you are feeling. Furthermore, physical examination, visual examination, laboratory support, may be planned to support the recovery of your stamina and control complaints that you feel. Treatment and treatment will be given according to the examination results obtained.

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