Often Experience Hallucinations And Unreal Events?

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I do not know why I experienced this, but lately I feel that something has fallen that causes reflexes to catch it like I felt my lipstick fell from the table so I caught it but apparently it didn’t fall, also on the road I felt I would be hit even though my distance from the vehicle is quite far. This did not happen once or twice. I’m confused, why?

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Hi Gita,

Thank you for the question.

Seeing or feeling something that does not exist can be a form of hallucination. Hallucinations can be in the form of hallucinations of sight, touch, and hearing. This is caused by disorders or hormonal imbalances, processes in the brain, and the function of consciousness. Previously, you need to explain further the accompanying symptoms that you have, such as whether you can hear a whisper, excessive fear, or mood disorders, and whether there are disturbances other than in your mind, or a history of other illnesses.

Here are the most common causes of hallucinations:

 Delirium psychotic disorders, usually accompanied by confusion and disturbance of consciousness. Mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder) Migraines Sleep disorders The effects of drugs If your complaint is accompanied by mood disorders or persistent feelings, headaches, feeling prompted, there is a threatening fear, immediately consult a psychiatrist to find out the cause of your complaint . The doctor will ask for further complaints and associate with other diseases that you could suffer, and the doctor will provide treatment in accordance with the complaint, such as antipsychotics.

Suggestions you can do at home:

 Get enough sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. Manage stress well. Take the time to meditate and practice focus on this period (mindfulness practice). Adequate nutritional intake and drink 2-3L a day to avoid dehydration. Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks. Hope this helps :)


dr. Talitha

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