Often Fantasize And The Mood Is Always Changing?

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holo … good morning good morning … my name is Tia quickly offended, sometimes when I drive even sometimes I fantasize (frequency) is difficult to concentrate and lately I was very forgetful. u003cbr u003I was afraid there was a problem in my body the longest date is 10, but this month I haven’t arrived yet

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Hello Tia, Thank you for the question.

Anyone must have fantasized. Imagining is a normal activity and can have a number of positive effects such as releasing psychological stress, ways to develop the mind, and is a form of adaptation to reality that is not in line with expectations. However, the habit of fantasizing too often must be watched out because this habit can bring negative impacts. The habit of often fantasizing can make a person more comfortable with his imagination, can interfere with concentration in his daily life, even can make the person unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality. This condition can also affect one's mood. Changes in mood can be experienced by anyone. Someone can experience a change of mood from happy to sad, optimistic to pessimistic, or vice versa. However, if this change in mood is not triggered by a clear cause or disrupts daily life, then this complaint may be based on a certain condition such as:

bipolar disorder
personality disorder

If this complaint is very disturbing to you, you are encouraged to consult with a mental specialist / psychiatrist further. The doctor needs to ask questions and answers to understand your condition and find out the cause of the complaint you made. After knowing the cause, the doctor will determine the next treatment that can be in the form of psychological therapy or medication.

Regarding your menstruation, what is your normal menstrual cycle and your menstrual length? Do you mean menstruation starting at the beginning of the month is the 1st or the early dates? Menstruation that is classified as normal is that which lasts for 2-7 days with menstrual cycles ranging from 21-35 days, calculated from the first day of menstruation until the first day of the next menstruation. If your menstrual period is more than 7 days, especially if accompanied by a large amount of blood / excessive, then this condition might be including menorrhagia. Menorrhagia can be caused by:

pelvic inflammation
polycystic ovary syndrome
side effects of hormonal contraception
blood clotting disorders

Hormonal disorders are usually the main cause of late menstruation which can be caused by excessive physical activity, strict diet, obesity, drastic weight changes, pregnancy, thyroid hormone disorders, or high stress levels.
In this condition, you can consult your obstetrician further. The doctor will ask further questions about your symptoms and examine you to find the cause. Further treatment will be given by a doctor in accordance with the conditions that you experience.

Please do the following suggestions:

You can fantasize, but make sure the fantasy is a positive fantasy and followed by actions to make it happen, for example, if you wish to have lots of money, then you have to work hard and save money
occupy yourself with positive activities such as doing your hobby or exercising regularly but avoiding excessive physical activity
Tell your closest friends about what you think or feel
follow meditation or yoga to help calm your mind
get enough rest
consume nutritious food, avoid strict diets
manage stress well
Hopefully this information is useful.

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