Often Fantasize, Then Act Like Acting?

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Hello, I am 18 year old fanny. R nPlease ask. Almost every day I fantasize, and not only fantasize in my mind, but when I am in my room, in the bathroom, I fantasize while acting like it. R nAnd I have a hard time stopping for a day not to fantasize about acting like that. R n r nI had this dream when my parents separated (in grade 4). r nWhy do you think so? r nAnd how to stop fantasizing about what? r nThank you

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Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com. I am dr. Princess Claudya will help answer your questions.

Everyone must have fantasized / imagined / fantasized with imaginary forms and different frequencies. Daydreaming is sometimes used by a person as a mechanism to reduce his stress, for example by fantasizing about fun things so that he forgets for a moment the problems that in reality are faced. Sometimes fantasizing can be a positive thing too if what is imagined is positive and becomes a motivation to take action towards the positive dream / dream.

In principle, daydreaming is not a distraction, as long as the person is still able to distinguish which is reality and which is delusion and does so in a reasonable frequency without causing interference in his real life.

However, if someone believes that the delusion he has is a reality, and even lives in that delusion in the real world, this is already a mental disorder.

Daydreaming too often is also unnatural, because it can lead to neglect of daily activities such as work, learning activities to become unfocused, withdrawing from the social environment (because he feels more engrossed in fantasizing than socializing with other people). Even if it is severe, it can cause disturbances in basic life, such as reluctance to eat, sleep, shower, etc.

This delusion can occur as a result of someone who feels like running away from his real life, and seeks pleasure from his imagination, for example someone who is depressed, or there are problems in his real life. Delusion can also be caused because a person is so obsessed with the story in imagination that one does not want to stop thinking about it.

To ascertain the cause of frequent delusions that you experience, it is better to consult further with a psychiatrist or psychologist for direct examinations such as an interview of your personality, your daily life, your family interview (if needed), and a physical examination to make sure there are no disturbances. organic mental.

Things you can do to reduce the frequency of fantasizing are:

Socialize more with the people around you, such as friends, family, coworkers, etc. Avoid being alone in a place because this will tend to give you the opportunity to fantasize. Get busy with things you can do, for example exercise, do your hobbies. like, work, study, etc. to reduce your space for fantasies. If the fantasies you do are positive, for example fantasizing about being successful, start trying to make these fantasies as motivation to turn them into reality. So that the impact you will do positive things to achieve what you want in the form of positive efforts and actions, so that it is not just a fantasy. If there are problems in life, you can tell and ask for advice from people you trust to reduce the burden and help solve solutions. That's all my explanation, hopefully helpful and useful :)


dr. Princess Claudya

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