Often Feel Abdominal Pain And Rarely Defecate During Early Pregnancy?

Illustration of Often Feel Abdominal Pain And Rarely Defecate During Early Pregnancy?
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Hello .. r nI want to ask .. r nAlhamdulillah I am 12 weeks pregnant .. r nBut I often feel dizzy, weak but I’m not nauseous is it natural? R nOh yes I’m also a fan of spicy, I can’t eat it doesn’t taste spicy but after eating spicy my stomach always hurts and I rarely defecate even though before I got pregnant my bowel movements were smooth .. r nIs it dangerous for the growth and development of my fetus? r n Ask for advice r nThank you

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Hello Arn, Thanks for the question.

Changes in the body when a person is young pregnant can cause the woman to experience fatigue or weakness and this complaint is a common complaint. This is caused by hormonal changes, decreased blood pressure during pregnancy, decreased blood sugar levels during pregnancy, increased fetal weight, iron deficiency anemia. Hormonal changes can also cause slower bowel movements, which can lead to constipation. Basically, pregnant women can experience heartburn caused by hormonal changes, changes in the stomach's tolerance for food, and a dilated uterus pressing on the upper abdomen. These three things can cause stomach acid to easily rise up into the esophagus. Consumption of spicy food can make this condition worse. If you are still able to maintain your intake of food and drink, then your complaint will not interfere with fetal growth and development.

Please do the following suggestions:

avoid spicy and oily foods consume small portions of food but more often avoid lying down after eating avoid wearing tight clothes in the stomach area consume more nutritious and high-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, increase consumption of water, avoid activities excessive physical if you feel weak If this complaint does not get better, do not hesitate to consult further with your doctor.

Please read the following article: Complaints of pregnant women

Hope this information is helpful.

Dr. Aloisia

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