Often Feel And Imagine Things That Do Not Match Reality

Illustration of Often Feel And Imagine Things That Do Not Match Reality
Illustration: Often Feel And Imagine Things That Do Not Match Reality

hello doc, I want to ask the beginning of the story I have an event that is difficult to forget and when it really is very severe more or less so. and I think I experienced a drop in that incident as well as a very excessive and very excessive and in the house that was evicted. my parents and I, my siblings live together. one time someone from the army wanted to evict us from home and was given more or less until (a week …) did not know this person immediately evicted us suddenly. u0026lt; after that incident I like to think that I am a famous person, a rich person and also successful and as if I really live like that. in fact I am not. I suddenly get to know famous people and I’m friends with them. and I often (hallucinate) like that and also like daydreaming and I feel it (real) even though NOT at all. u003cem u003Was this considered a mental disorder? u003c / em u003e

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Hello Jessie, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Delusion is a state characterized by an imbalance between thought, imagination, and emotions with actual reality. Delusion is also called delusions and is a type of serious mental disorder. An example of this situation is when you feel famous and wealthy.

While hallucinations are perceptual disorders that cause someone to see, hear, or smell something that really isn't there, for example you hear a voice calling you or whisper to you even though no one is around you.

The symptoms that appear on you can be caused by various conditions including:

Acute psychosis
Delusions, and so on.

To find out the exact cause of your condition, you must certainly do an examination to meet the diagnosis criteria for a disease. The doctor will do a physical examination, mental status, and other additional checks that may be needed. This is also to assess whether the complaint is purely due to psychiatric disorders or other medical conditions. Therefore it is advisable for you to consult a psychiatric specialist so that further examination and treatment can be done.

For now, all you can do is:

Keep doing a healthy lifestyle
Self relaxation
Focus your mind on the positive and avoid blaming yourself
Tell stories with others who are trusted if you have a problem
Continue to pray, and get closer to God

So, hopefully useful.

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