Often Feel Anxious With Mood Changes, Loss Of Motivation And Body Weakness?

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Hello, I’m a 21 year old girl. Lately I have often been in a phase where I feel lethargic, lost motivation, sudden changes in mood, tightness in the chest, anxiety that comes suddenly, and negative thoughts that come. When I was in that phase I felt very depressed and wanted to release the pressure by telling it to my relatives, but I couldn’t because it was as if something was blocking me. And this phase can occur suddenly and in an indefinite period of time. What should I do when I am in this phase? Is this burn out or just anxiety due to stress? Please answer. thanks.

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Hello Linda

Mind burden and stress is a condition that has been experienced by every individual, basically the existence of this stress is a trigger for someone to make improvements to his condition in order to be even better. But when the stress condition is far greater than the capacity of the person's ability, it is not uncommon for new problems to arise such as anxiety, irritability, anxiety, loss of concentration, reduced / loss of motivation, to changes in the behavior of the person himself (such as being moody, decreased appetite or overeating, easily tempered, become a smoker or consume excessive alcohol, or even consume narcotics.

On the other hand anxiety is a condition where there is a sense of worry, this phenomenon also certainly has been experienced by everyone when going to face a challenge or are in a problem including stress. Like for example when going forward presentations, when going to give an exam, or listen to bad news for loved ones. Symptoms that can arise when someone is anxious are, difficulty being able to calm down and think clearly, feel frightened and tense, so that not infrequently those who experience anxiety will experience other symptoms such as easy fatigue, headaches, heartburn or even become urinating repeatedly times, nausea, palpitations, excessive sweating, and difficulty sleeping. Usually anxiety will disappear slowly when the problem or challenge to be ended has ended, but if the symptoms still continue so that it interferes with daily routine then the need for further counseling with a doctor directly for further study.

While the condition referred to as "burn out" is a condition in which a person experiences mental or physical exhaustion due to a constant mental or physical stress. So eventually the person will lose interest and enthusiasm to do his work or the conditions that are usually lived everyday. This condition is usually related to factors in the work or school environment, such as heavy workloads, conflicts with coworkers or friends, undervaluation, etc.

If you look briefly, it seems that the three conditions above, stress, anxiety, and "burn out" appear to have similar symptoms and are caused by something similar. But in reality this is not the case, to be able to trace the state of mental health or psychology a person needs an assessment session by a psychiatric specialist directly so that they can make a more objective assessment (assessed or compared to a measurement or data process) because even though the information Linda conveyed is sufficient help but the information is still subjective (conjecture, views of one's own feelings), because the human mind is so complex and complicated that doctors need to dig up more information through direct interview sessions to be able to get a picture of the mindset (point of view) and personality of the patient In addition, the doctor may also need to do some health checks because after all the condition of mental health can be influenced by physical or physical problems.

What Linda experienced should not be underestimated, so Linda is expected to be seen by a psychiatrist (mental health), do not be afraid to consult a psychiatric doctor will not be immediately labeled / seen as a person with mental disorders but instead with consultation with a doctor psychiatrists so that the conditions experienced today are not allowed to develop much more severe.

The tips and advice for Linda are: Learning to accept a condition that does not wear, such as failure and defeat, think positively that what is experienced now will certainly trigger you to become a better person, if the burden of thought feels very heavy try to consult with the people you trust the most like friends, parents, or siblings. Some activities such as sports and meditation can also help to keep the mind calm and maintain emotions, besides engaging yourself in social activities.

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