Often Feel Lonely Accompanied By Erratic Moods And Difficulty Sleeping?

Hello … I want to ask if I’m okay or what? I often feel lonely even though many people might love me, it’s just that they always like to corner me, they also always compare me to others. That’s why I often feel unappreciated and disappointed … As a result of that I always have difficulty sleeping at night, feeling tired, lonely, restless, mood is also not. Sometimes I always feel Alone and even I think better I have nothing else so I Can Be Calm … my mood Sometimes it changes sometimes It can be very angry Also usually I hold it and I smile. I wonder how? Am I including the symptoms of stress or just frustration? What should I do?

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Hello, Ashry N, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Difficulty sleeping, feeling tired, restless, mood swings, can be signs of stress or pressure on yourself. Stress is a person's normal response to change, things that are not liked, or certain events, and each person can have different responses. In some people, stress can be a positive thing and trigger enthusiasm, but in others stress can be a thing that removes the spirit of life, disrupt activities, to interfere with physical health. This type of negative stress if left unchecked will lead to deeper stress and a person can experience mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

For this reason, it is important for everyone to have the ability to control their stress. Some of these ways can be done to help control stress:

1. Avoid listening / seeing things that make you sad, disappointed, or feel inferior.

2. If forced to hear / see things that make you sad, disappointed, etc., make it as a reference for trying to become a better person.

3. When compared frequently, think that everyone has their own way of life and time in achieving success.

4. Every day, give thanks for what you have and what you have achieved now.

5. Do and spend your time on things that you like or do positive things, for example, do your hobbies, attend charity events, travel with friends, refreshing, etc.

6. Exercise can trigger the release of hormones that make a person happier and more energetic, while also making the body healthy.

7. Do relaxation, meditation, or worship according to your beliefs.

If you have done these things but have not improved, to feel like ending life, hearing / seeing things that do not exist, there is weight loss, do not want to socialize, or experience physical disorders such as palpitations, chest pain, tightness , You can consult directly with your doctor or psychiatrist / psychiatric specialist to be given the appropriate solution.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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