Often Feel Panic, Difficult To Sleep If You Do Not Consume Liquor?

Hello, I have a few questions, please be answered as clearly as possible. I often experience panic, often forget and often have difficulty sleeping. Then I tried narcotics but suddenly I experienced shortness of breath and my heart was unstable. Then I stopped using it. And during the 5th period I could not sleep if I did not drink liquor like beer and my emotions were not stable. What happened to me? Do I need to consult a psychiatrist or something?

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Hello Markonah, thanks for the question. I'm dr. Nova will try to answer your question.

Disturbances to sleep, difficult to start sleep, often wake up during sleep, or even wake up very early during sleep are called insomnia. Insomnia can be caused by several things, such as psychological disorders, health problems, unhealthy lifestyles, drugs, or even environmental factors, can be read here causes of insomnia.

stress, narcotics use, alcohol, drinking caffeinated drinks, old age, sleep habits, physical activity, and certain medical conditions can increase the risk of insomnia. Insomnia can cause symptoms such as heart palpitations, drowsiness, lack of enthusiasm for activity, depression, unstable emotions, decreased function of thinking, difficulty focusing, and others. The use of narcotics and alcohol besides being addictive, can also cause interference with various organs of the body such as the heart and blood vessels, such as palpitations, constriction of blood vessels, etc. It can also cause interference with the nervous system causing hallucinations, seizures, decreased consciousness, etc. In the lungs can cause decreased respiratory function. The skin can cause dry skin, and easy to get infections. In long-term use can cause intoxication, in the form of dehydration, fainting, palpitations, decreased cognitive function, digestive system disorders, behavioral disorders, and other mental disorders.

Therefore, if this complaint has lasted a long time to interfere with daily activities, you should immediately consult a mental specialist or psychiatrist. The doctor will ask questions about complaints, onset, complaint weight, and the originating actors. The doctor will also conduct a physical examination and psychiatric examination as a whole, and also supporting examinations if needed, such as laboratory examinations, etc. So hopefully the handling can be maximized and complaints can be reduced. The doctor may prescribe some medicines if sleep complaints are very disturbing and suggest cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy helps insomnia patients change negative thoughts and behaviors that make patients difficult to sleep. Some methods that can be done can be read here Treatment of insomnia.

Things you can do to prevent insomnia:

Avoid eating before bedtime, a maximum of 2 hours before bedtime
Reduce physical activity at night
Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and alcohol
Avoid cigarettes
Avoid stress
Take care of the comfort of the bedroom

Thus, hopefully it helps.


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