Often Feel Sore And Itchy During Pregnancy?

Hello. I am 27 years old friska … Dokk I am pregnant with the third child of 1 living child … why in my pregnancy I often feel itchy on my body but if I scratch it feels like it’s not itch. And my feet often feel aching. And the palm hurt to tread … why? Thank you, Doctor, please answer.

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Hi Friska,

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Itching during pregnancy is often a natural condition due to hormonal influences which make the skin more sensitive and easier to dry. Skin stretch when experiencing weight gain fast enough can also trigger this itching. If the itching that you feel is very great, it could also, itchiness arises due to allergic reactions, skin irritation, infection (can be due to bacteria, fungi, parasites, or viruses), insect bites or other animals, or also disorders of other organ systems (for example disorders liver, kidney, thyroid gland, mental disorders, etc.).

Pain and rheumatic pain in the legs during pregnancy does not always indicate an illness. If the age of your uterus is already large (trimester 3), pain and rheumatic pain can occur due to fatigue that triggers muscle pain. It could also, pain and rheumatic pain that occurs due to other factors, such as nerve nerve, lack of vitamins or neurotropic minerals, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, viral or bacterial infections, post-injury, and so on.

The question now is, how long have you felt those complaints? How great is the intensity? What is the exact age of your current uterus?

Due to the lack of information you provide relating to your complaint, we recommend that you check your condition directly to the doctor or obstetrician. That way, the doctor can evaluate whether your condition is still considered reasonable or dangerous. Handling will be adjusted to the doctor the cause of your complaint, of course, by also considering the safety aspects for the fetus in your womb.

At home, you can first resolve your complaint with the following tips:

No excessive scratching the itchy skin Apply calamine lotion on itchy skin Bath diligently and cleanly, wear loose, cool clothing Compress painful feet and rheumatic pain with warm water Do not overactivate physical activity while still feeling pain, for example running, riding going down stairs, standing for too long Don't stress excessively Don't carelessly take medication while pregnant without doctor's advice Hope it helps huh ..

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