Often Feel Tingling In The Legs In Diabetics.?

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Hello, my mother is convicted of TB, drug therapy 6 months, my mother also has a history of diabetes, her appetite is difficult u0026amp; hmpir doesn’t want to be done with the side dish from the fish (salted fish) since consumption, the left leg starts to feel heavy and often the left side does that include the stroke symptoms caused by the salted fish. not having a stroke?

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Walaikumsalaam. Hello, good evening..

Complaints often feel tingling in the legs in diabetics is generally caused by a condition of diabetic neuropathy. High blood sugar levels in diabetics can cause nerve fiber damage, the most disturbed nerve fibers are peripheral nerve fibers (peripheral nerves), ie in the legs and feet. Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy in the legs include tingling or burning sensation, cramps, pain, leg muscles weakening, numbness / numbness, and loss of balance and coordination. This condition can be worsened if diabetics also experience hypertension (high blood pressure), where one of the triggers for an increase in blood pressure is high sodium foods such as salted fish.

Apart from diabetic neuropathy, complaints of tingling and feeling heavy legs can also be caused by other causes, including:

side effects of one of the TB treatments, namely Isoniazid neurological disorders due to pinched slits containing a collection of nerve fibers in the leg area, called as aarsal tunnel syndrome deficiency of vitamin B12 malnutrition due to poor diet stroke Stroke can indeed cause complaints of tingling and severe sensation in one leg However, if your mother experiences this complaint, it does not necessarily indicate that your mother has definitely had a stroke, right? There are still many other possibilities that can cause similar complaints (as mentioned above). To ascertain the condition experienced by your mother, it is necessary to check directly by a doctor.
Stroke itself is a disorder in brain cells due to reduced oxygen supply, it can be due to obstruction of blood vessels (ischemic stroke), or due to rupture of blood vessels (hemorrhagic stroke). The main symptoms of a stroke include: The face looks down on one side and cannot smile symmetrically due to one side of the face drooping, one side of the arm and leg experiencing weakness or numbness, and disruption in speaking (speech becomes unclear, or even not able to speak at all even though it looks conscious). In addition to the three main symptoms, a stroke can also cause severe headaches, loss of consciousness, spinning dizziness, difficulty swallowing (to always choke), impaired balance and coordination, and so forth.

Some conditions that increase the risk of stroke include diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), high blood cholesterol levels, obesity or obesity, heart disease, and smoking. Salted fish itself does not cause a stroke directly, but consumption of foods high in sodium (one example is salted fish) can often increase the risk of high blood pressure, whereas as mentioned above, high blood pressure can trigger a stroke.

To prevent strokes, of course the way that can be done is to maintain a healthy body condition, namely by not smoking, doing physical activity, exercising, maintaining ideal body weight, and so on. In your mother's condition, where your mother has diabetes, what can be done to prevent stroke in addition to the above methods is to control blood sugar levels. Controlling blood sugar levels can be done by consuming diabetes drugs appropriately and routinely every day, and changing lifestyles (eating healthy foods, low in sugar, high in fiber, and doing physical activities / sports every day).

We strongly recommend that your mother check with a neurologist to ascertain the disease that caused the emergence of a complaint huh ... If deemed necessary, the doctor will suggest a supporting examination in the form of blood tests, electromyogram, MRI, and so on.

That's all, hope it helps.

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