Often Feels Cold On The Soles Of The Feet Accompanied By Sore Throat?

Illustration of Often Feels Cold On The Soles Of The Feet Accompanied By Sore Throat?
Illustration: Often Feels Cold On The Soles Of The Feet Accompanied By Sore Throat? diabetes.co.uk

Night, lately I often feel cold on the soles of my feet right on the fingers. But my body is warm. Indeed, my house is in a rice field area so it is rather cold. When I feel cold, my throat starts to feel bad, I often get ahem, so I cough. I also usually work a little straight away, but now I rarely do. So how is this the solution. Thank you 😊

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Hi Elis,

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Cold environmental conditions can certainly make your body feel cold. This cold sensation can be more easily felt in the foot area, because this area is more often exposed to the outside environment. If this cold sensation only occurs occasionally, namely after you have been active outside, then this condition is most likely not dangerous. These environmental factors may also make you sweat less frequently.

If the cold sensation in the feet lasts for a long time, recurs frequently, is accompanied by discomfort in the throat and coughing, then it could be that your complaint is due to a respiratory tract infection. This infection can be caused by viruses or bacteria that are inhaled from the droplets of sufferers who have close contact with you. As a result of infection, the thermoregulatory center located in the brain (hypothalamus) will increase body temperature by increasing the body's metabolism. This condition can make your body feel uncomfortable, which is like hot and cold (especially felt in the feet and hands). It could also be that an infection in another organ system (other than the respiratory system) produces prodrome symptoms resembling the respiratory tract infection you are currently experiencing.

It may also be that a cold sensation in your feet indicates a problem with the nerves or blood vessels in your feet, thyroid gland, or other organ systems.

What needs to be clarified at this time, how long have you felt the complaints above? Has it been more than 3 days? Do you also have fever, vomiting, tightness, and so on?

If so, you should check with your doctor right away. Doctors generally will provide initial treatment in the form of drugs to deal with your complaints. However, if you feel that your complaints are not getting better, you can go back to your doctor for additional examinations, such as blood tests, X-rays, and so on.

In the meantime, you can first increase your rest and limit activities that make you too tired. Expand to consume warm water so that the throat feels more comfortable. Use a mask to prevent the entry of harmful foreign particles into the nasal cavity and respiratory tract. Use warm clothing and socks to keep yourself from feeling cold. Do not forget to also maintain your stamina by exercising a lot, not smoking, and eating healthy and nutritious foods.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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