Often Feels Pain In The Legs After Falling Off The Motorbike?

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A year ago I fell from a motorcycle and was dragged along with the motorbike for about 20 meters but I didn’t have any fractures, only minor injuries and slippery. As for the small wound, which is right on the left edge of the sole of the foot (left foot) often has pain in the bones until now (it has completely healed the wound) while my right leg did not experience bruising or swelling, but the right leg it hurts since the fall, sometimes the pain just doesn’t interfere with my activities and sometimes it often hurts which is quite excruciating if it’s bent to the left.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Pain in certain body parts, especially those that occur after an accident, can arise due to the following:

Muscle injury, in the sense that a muscle is pulled, injured or torn Bone injury, such as a fracture or fracture Disturbances to nerves, such as a compressed nerve, a broken bone, pinched or so on

In your case, we can understand why your doctor did not take further action on you because maybe after the examination, either through clinical appearance or through X-rays or otherwise, there were no abnormalities found. This indeed often causes confusion for doctors to determine the right therapy because the complaints given by patients are not supported by clear or distinctive abnormalities. Therefore, so far doctors only provide treatment in the form of painkillers.

What we can suggest to you, is that if you haven't previously checked with an orthopedic specialist, try to have your condition checked on him. If so, try checking with a neurologist to find out if there is nerve involvement in the pain you feel.

Meanwhile at home, what you can do besides continuing to take the prescribed pain medication is to try to slowly train your legs to bend to the left. Try a little at a time, then when it starts to hurt, first hold it in that position for a while, and try to bend it again. When it becomes unbearable, leave it for a while, and try again later. Keep going until you get used to it. You can also use warm compresses to reduce pain, and use over-the-counter pain relief ointments by reading the instructions listed. Avoid activities where you have to rely heavily on the sore leg to prevent further damage. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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