Often Hallucinations And Belching In The Elderly?

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The aging process indeed often makes a person's ability to think disturbed, due to the many burdens of problems that accumulate, physical conditions that are no longer prime as when young, hormonal fluctuations, and medical disorders that make the sufferer's activity limited. But naturally, wise people can deal with this well so it does not cause strange behavior, and even tends to make other people around them feel uncomfortable.

If you view from the information you convey, it is very likely that your grandmother has a mental disorder. Not only because of aging, this psychiatric disorder can also be related to the history of injuries experienced, certain personality types, the influence of alcohol or drugs, genetics, and many other factors. As for some examples of psychiatric disorders that can cause complaints as your grandmother is experiencing today include schizoaffective disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, malingering, delusional disorders, delusional psychiatric disorders influenced by alcohol or drugs, and so on. Several other types of diseases, for example Alzheimer's disease, can also cause almost similar symptoms.

To detect the cause of the complaint, try to take your grandmother to see a doctor or a psychiatrist. The doctor can invite your grandmother to discuss to identify whether the true condition associated with certain psychiatric disorders, or not. Supporting examinations, for example laboratories, x-rays, etc. can also be done by doctors. Later, the treatment can be given by doctors varied, such as with education, administration of medicines, psychotherapy, and so on.

To improve your grandmother's condition, try the following trick:

Understand your grandmother's condition, help her overcome the problem, don't judge, or just ignore it
Always accompany your grandmother in activities, but do not patronize
Frequently invite your grandmother to talk, a good listener's trial of the matter, so that the burden of her mind is reduced
Accompany your grandmother to live a healthy lifestyle, including by sleeping more regularly, regularly exercising as much as possible, stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, also drugs
Make your grandmother relaxed and happy, such as by inviting her to meditate, relax, take a vacation, gather with loved ones
Don't carelessly give your grandmother medicine without a doctor's prescription

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