Often Hear Voices And Read Other People’s Thoughts?

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First I want to briefly summarize the conditions you have:

You write the name of the woman you liked first You can read people's minds and see what happens You hear a voice telling you a certain incident

The first condition can occur because you remember the woman you liked before, either consciously or unconsciously. Thoughts and feelings are 2 things that don't always go together. You may not like the woman anymore, but your brain still has a lot of memory with the woman so it is very normal for a memory burst in the form of a dream or typing or writing her name or drawing her face at any time.

Reading other people's minds also doesn't describe a particular medical condition. What you are actually doing is not reading other people's minds but rather making a logical conclusion from seeing and paying attention to gestures, body language, facial expressions, or certain signs on the body of the other person. For example, you meet your coworkers, you see that your coworkers who have never dressed up before are now dressing beautifully, their faces show happiness, their smiles don't stop, then you make the conclusion that your co-worker has just gone out with someone he likes .

Seeing the events that will happen is also not something that can be accepted in science. In the world of science this condition is called precognition. Some of the psychological theories used to explain precognition include:

The human brain can analyze, guess, or even make images of what will happen next. For example, when your phone rings, before you pick up your phone, your brain will make possibilities like you are called by your boss, you are called by your boyfriend, you are called by your parents. You can also further imagine, if your boss calls you, then maybe your boss wants to promote you to a higher position or scold you for unfinished work. When you pick up the phone, you find that your boss calls you and you are promoted to a higher position. Your brain will tend to remember the likelihood that "you got promoted" versus "you were scolded." The brain will tend to forget that you ever imagined "you were being scolded", so what remains in your memory is that you managed to predict that "your boss called you to promote you" The human brain has the ability to store memories and recall them sometimes without realizing it. For example, when you were a child, you often saw your mother happy to wear flower-patterned clothes and you stored this memory in your brain without you knowing it. When your mother's birthday, you buy a gift of flower-patterned clothes for your mother and you predict that your mother will be very happy to receive the gift, even to tears and tears. It is not really your prediction, but there is a part of your childhood memory that helps you to conclude that your mother will really like the gift. "self fulfilling prophecy", that is, when you have a vision of your future, you will try to do something (consciously or unconsciously) to make that image manifest. For example, in the past you imagined that you would work for an international company based in Europe. Consciously or unconsciously, you will try harder to learn to get the highest score, study foreign languages ​​more actively, and so on to fulfill this image. When this vision is achieved (you are accepted to work at an international company), you remember that before, it seems like you had a dream / dream that you will work in an international company and you assume that you have predicted this incident long ago.

If you hear a certain voice that tells you that there will be a certain incident even though other people cannot hear it, then what you experience is an auditory hallucination. If you do experience this, you should go to a psychiatrist for further evaluation and treatment.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

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