Often Left Chest Pain Disappear?

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I’m a 22-year-old man, it’s been more than a week I feel my left chest pain disappear and arise its duration is quite short, every morning I check my pulse is normal below 80, is my complaint related to heart disease? And does a resting pulse check be a reference to how healthy our heart is? Thank you

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Hello Amrin,

Pain in the left chest can be a variety of causes ranging from respiratory disorders, digestive disorders, heart problems, disorders of the chest muscles, impact or due to other organs. The pulse rate itself is normally 60-90 times per minute so if it's below 80 but still above 60 it can still be said to be normal. Where this can also affect a lot of things such as physical activity, psychological conditions, and others.

If you want to ascertain whether or not there is a problem with the heart then you can do an examination, starting from interviews about the conditions experienced, physical examinations and supporting examinations such as blood labs, heart records or ECGs or other checks that are needed.

For this reason, because it is still quite young, it is better to improve daily lifestyle by eating regularly, managing stress well, fulfilling resting needs, maintaining food intake, limiting salt, limiting caffeine, avoiding smoking, exercising regularly, and doing health checks at least Once a year.

May be useful.

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